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May 3, 2020
Welcome to WindiaMS, a v83 based maplestory server found by the sexiest developer in history, Shavit.
His lines of code allowed me to reach level 255 in game. God bless.

Legion is a unique mechanic in Windia that provides a global % boost to your stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) that may come from your gears, base stats, codex and whatnot.
Legion works on the concept that you gain a 1% boost for every 10 levels present in the cumulative sum of the levels of all your unique classes.


For example, if I were to have a beginner, a nightlord and a blaze wizard at level 200 each, I would have a legion of 600 - therefore a 60% global stat boost. However, if I were to have a two level 200 blaze wizards, their legion will not stack - giving me a total of only 200 legion. Currently, there are a total of 22 unique classes:

1) Blaze Wizard (KoC)
2) Night Walker (KoC)
3) Thunder Breaker (KoC)
4) Wind Archer (KoC)
5) Soul Warrior (KoC)
6) Noblesse (KoC, starter)
7) Hero (Explorer, warrior)
8) Paladin (Explorer, warrior)
9) Dark Knight (Explorer, warrior)
10) Marksman (Explorer, bowman)
11) Bowmaster (Explorer, bowman)
12) Buccaneer (Explorer, pirate)
13) Corsair (Explorer, pirate)
14) Shadower (Explorer, thief)
15) Night Lord (Explorer, thief)
16) Mage (I/L) (Explorer, mage)
17) Mage (F/P) (Explorer, mage)
18) Bishop (Explorer, mage)
19) Beginner (Explorer, starter)
20) Aran (Aran)
21) Legend (Aran, starter)
22) Ironman (Custom Windia Class, provides x2 legion)

Now with the classes covered, what's a good way to quickly build legion? To answer that question quickly, reach level 126 on a character and start a new class.
If you don't understand, allow me to elaborate:

There's a place called temple of time (ToT), where majority of mid-game players will be farming at. The two most commonly-farmed map at ToT are the Road of Regrets 4 (RoR4) and the Road to Oblivion 4 (RtO4). Their leeching range are level 111-180 and lvl 126-200 respectively. Usually leeching lvl 126-200 would cost you 30 chaos scrolls, with occasional free leeches being provided. RoR4 on the other hand will likely have more free leeching services, but only to lvl 180 as the time to gain a new level quickly drops off from there. Please take note when asking people for an invite, do not stack on the ladder above others as it makes it difficult to act you.

So how do I personally go about reaching level 126?
TL;DR: Start > Lvl 10 > Job Adv 1 > Evil eye (ellinia)/ Fire boar (perion) > Job Adv 2 > Mushroom kingdom > Ghost ship 2/6 > Job Adv 3 > Fantasy theme park (Malaysia) > Job Adv 4 OR Farm Gallopera to lvl 111/ 126.

Now before going about all this, remember to make use of the @goto command. There's a list of locations provided by using @goto, and for non-VIP it has a 20 minutes cooldown after use. So it is critical that you utilize it to the best extent possible to minimize travelling. Now to elaborate on the TL;DR i mentioned.

For cygnus:

Complete ereve tutorial until level 10 and collect 1000 mesos from monster drops > Job Adv > Go to the north forest of ellinia and keep climbing upwards to the highest treehole dungeon to farm evil eye/cursed eye to level 30 > Return to ereve and Job Adv 2 > Mushroom Kingdom > @goto gs and farm ghost ship to 70 > walk back to Kerning City then go to ellinia and travel back to Ereve for Job Adv 3 (you'll need a dark crystal which you can buy from FM/ craft using ghost ship drops at el nath's blacksmith) > Go back to kerning city > plane ticket to singapore > talk to motorcycle NPC and get to malaysia > talk to motorcycle NPC and get to kampung > go right to enter fantasy theme park > farm the booper scarlions, viking and gallopera until lvl 126

For adventurer:

As a first time player, you're required to go through maple island's tutorial quests in order to reach victoria island. However, from your second character onwards, you'll be prompted an option to skip maple island entirely by going to Lith Habour directly. Make use of that. Upon reaching Lith Habour, use @goto and go to your job's town. Then do the following:

Farm monsters in training center/around town to lvl 10 > Job Adv 1 > Go to north forest of ellinia and farm evil eye/cursed to level 30 > Job Adv 2 > Mushroom Kingdom > @goto gs and farm ghost ship 2/6 until lvl 70, SAVE ALL THE DARK CRYSTAL ORE DROPS > @goto elnath (or vip rock to someone who's there if on cooldown) > Talk to 3rd job adv npc > SAVE EL NATH IN VIP ROCK > go to the blacksmith and convert all dark crystal ore to dark crystals, save extra in storage for future characters > walk back to your 1st job npc (walk to aqua road, dolphin to herb town, crane to mulung, talk to crane again to orbis, go back to ellinia from orbis) > get necklace of strength from 1st job npc > vip rock to el nath > talk to 3rd job master > go to holy stone with a dark crystal (location at hidden portal, top right door at sharp cliff II map) > answer questions and get necklace of wisdom > go back to 3rd job master > job adv 3 done > walk back to kerning city > go to fantasy theme park > farm to lvl 111/126 > OPTIONAL: DOING FORTH JOB > LVL 120/126 vip rock back to elnath, accept quest from 3rd job master > @goto priest > talk to 4th job master > kill manon and griffey, collect quest drop > go back to 4th job master > 4th job done > farm skelegon to lvl 126 if you're still lvl 120 (do @goto skelegon or smega/ ask discord so u can vip rock to someone who's there)

For the questions asked by the holy stone, refer to this guide for answers [[HERE]]

For aran:

Same as knight of cygnus, but you go back to rein for your job advancement.

This is my personal recommended guideline for which class to do first (based on difficulty of training to a leeching level). Take note while starting out you do not need to care about having a "main class" and farming yet. Legion is the main focus you want to work on as it currently acts as a hardlock from you farming at profitable areas and doing crimsonwood keep party quest (CWKPQ)

Hero (Warrior) - to farm your initial dark crystal supply for KoC > Knight of Cygnus (KoC) > Aran > Rest of the warriors > Bowman > Pirate > Thief > Magician > Legend > Beginner/Noblesse

You should start leeching characters to 180/200 the moment they're primed for leeching. Avoid training Legend/Beginner/Noblesses while your legion is still below 3800 as they're harder to train up.

The key legion check marks in my opinion are the following:

2000 Legion - skelegon farming with bishop (not worth farming them though, there are better money making method)
3250 Legion - able to access CWKPQ
3500 Legion - able to easily farm ulu city center with scrolled elemental staff and trash int gears
4000 Legion - able to farm ROR4 with decent timeless int gears, require 22.8k Magic on F/P mage
4000+ onwards - RTO4 farming, vera farming

Having a higher legion allows you to have worse gears, which means you are able to farm on a tighter equipment budget - so if you have CS to spare, pay for that 126-200 RTO4 holy symbol leeching service (especially once you start being able to OHKO petrifighters in ulu)



The codex acts as a NX ring which provides bonus stats from your legion, monster card collection and the amount of quest you have completed on an individual character (So remember that you can equip a normal ring on your codex). The most useful bonus that comes from your codex are +stats and +MA/WA. It is critical that you complete 250 quests on the same character to gain a global bonus of 150 WA/ 250 MA for all your future characters to make training easier. You can refer to more information about the monster card mechanics and the most efficient way of doing 250 quests by referring to Wallace05's guide here: ((CLICK ME))

NOW BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR GODDAMN NX ON COSMETICS AS A NEW PLAYER, HOLD YOUR HORSES. NX is hard to come by until you start farming at ulu or ToT, like really freaking hard. As a new player, your main source of NX will be through voting 3 times a day (wifi, data, vpn - 1 each) which will fetch you 30,000 NX to spend each day.

At your current stage with low legion, farming back that 30,000 can take you hours in skelegon - so spend them wisely. The best use for NX is buying a full pet set to share between all your characters in your account (unequip and keep in cash shop storage when done training for the next character) and buying additional character slots.

VIP rocks, owls and smegas should be bought frugally, only when you actually need it. This is why in the explorer training guide I mentioned in chapter 1, only a total of 2 VIP rock will be used per character (if you include the 4th job advancement). The use of VIP rock when building legion can be removed entirely by buying account VIP using credits from the FM NPC as you can use @goto without any cooldown.


The alternate method of getting the said items are from miu miu the travelling merchant, a one-time use cash item from the cash shop. Using it opens up miu miu, who sells owls at 5 million mesos each, smega at 5 million, item smega at 7.5 million and VIP rocks at 10 million each. This is an alternate way of getting your cash items without spending any NX, although you should be buying bulk from miu miu to avoid constantly buying miu miu's summon pass itself.


Once you have a million NX from farming in temple of time, you can convert them into 25,000 NX credit through the credit NPC in the FM. You can use it to buy cash surprise boxes which provides permanent NX items of all sorts - with weapon skins being the best.

The reason why I said that skelegon isn't worth farming is because there's a quicker and easier method - Gachapon.
The gachapon machine can be found in the FM which can be quickly accessed by clicking the [Trade] button next to the cash shop. Gachapon tickets are a common drop when farming in temple of time and therefore sells for a very cheap price. In the time of writing this, a stack of 1000 ticket is sold for 35 million mesos - 40 million mesos when bought in bulk. A non-vip character can hold roughly 9,000-10,000 gachapon tickets before hitting full cash item inventory limit.


These currently are valuable drops from the gachapon, use owl to check market price in the FM

1) Eternal Rebirth Flame
2) Powerful Rebirth Flame
3) Chaos Scroll
4) White Scroll
5) Naricain Elixir
6) Onyx Apple
7) 10% ATT Scroll for Knuckler/ 2-handed sword/ Bow/ Wand/ Staff/ 2H-BW/ others (Largely depends on market demand, people will smega their interest for scrolls)
8) Elemental Staff (Most popular is elemental staff 5 due to its added fire damage)
9) Rings with a +3 to any stats ( 2 Chaos Scroll each )
10) Equipment such as masks, archaeologist glasses, purple/pink capes and weapons to help make legion training easier

Now to do gachapon efficiently, i recommend having any of your character (preferably your future main) to be a gachapon mule. Expand it's equip and use inventory slot to the maximum, then start spamming gachapon. For rings with a +3 stat, keep it in your storage. Then do @sell to automatically sell all un-upgraded equipment away. Throw away all throwing stars (even crystal ilbi), cursed and dark scrolls, trash scrolls and +200MA potions as they have almost no value. This would mean majority of the item you keep in your inventory which you would sell in the FM will be in the given list above. By the end you finish using the 1000 gachapon tickets and selling off all the trash equip away, you'd have noticed you already made your money back before even selling the more expensive loots to the market. That's why gachapon is worth doing for your initial fund injection until you are able to farm ulu or ROR4.

If you are looking to purchase in bulk from players, I recommend going to RTO4 maps and asking the people there to sell gachapon tickets to you.

This should be pretty self-explanatory, just use @commands to browse the list of possible commands in-game. This section however will cover the most useful commands in my opinion and how to make use of those informational types to its fullest.

@goto - this will be your best friend. Doing @goto shows a list of possible teleport names, notable ones are training, farming and boss areas such as gs / skelegon / priest/ elnath/ zakum/ horntail/ spooky/ pinkbean/ ulu. There will be a 20 minute cooldown after use for non-vip, and unlimited usage for vips.

@mobhp - useful to see the hp of monsters and boss parts. @bosshp does a similar thing but shows the value in percentage instead. Using @mobhp provides lots of utility as it allows you to determine how much magic damage is required to kill specific mobs using the magic calculator. The magic calculator can be found in windia's discord by typing $magic in the chat. Also works for weapon attack calculator if you know how to calculate it on your own.

@buffme - provides bless, haste and hyperbody, can be macroed into your skill such that you can automatically activate it by making @buffme as the shout output.

@sell - sells all equipment to NPC that have not been upgraded. Using flames, golden hammer, scrolls on an item or leveling it will render it as "upgraded" and immune from selling. Please take note that it is possible for medals to be sold off from @sell so make sure to have them upgraded if you aren't equipping them.

@check - checks server time, exp rate and ping, good to see when your item vacuum will expire

@map - checks who the map owner is, used to bully KS-ers but KS-ers can use it to "no u" if you leave the map to buy a smega from the cash shop to complain about about them as map ownership will transfer.

@wd / @wdf - who drops & what drops from. Useful for understanding what monsters drop what and the rate of the drops. Usually i use this when training legion by finding which monster drops my class' gear and grinding it for both xp and the weapon.

Now that you have gacha'ed your life away for some initial funding, you can either trade your mesos to miu miu for equipment enhancement scrolls (EES) which can be traded off for chaos scroll of goodness (COG), buy COG directly from the FM, or buy progression gears using the mesos.


The first farming area of interest is ulu city center's petrifighters - an extremely monster saturated map that drops relatively less chaos per hour (roughly around 0.5 COG worth, aka 50 chaos scrolls) but drops a shit ton of mesos. These mesos will come directly from mob drops and selling equipment drop through @sell. Avoid providing free leech in ulu as a portion of the mesos will go directly to the leechers, and since mesos is your main funding from ulu it will slow down your progress greatly. Mesos wise you can easily earn 7 billion+ in the span of 10 hours with itemvac. You can get there by @goto ulu and going through the top portal

The recommended requirements for ulu are as followed:
- Mage (Fire/Poison) (Spam meteor shower)
- Elemental staff 5 (125% bonus fire damage, +9 scrolled with 10%, lvl 5 ~380MA can just buy off FM)
- 3500 Legion
- Trash lvl 100 int gears from monster drop
- Able to hit 2 million damage with meteor shower to OHKO

Once you have begun farming at ulu, you will want to buy decent timeless gears that are sold cheaply so that you can progress into ROR4. Again, you will want to stick with mage (F/P) and the elemental staff while farming in ROR4. A total of 22.8k magic is required to instant kill the chief qualm guardians found there. You might be thinking, why not progress towards memory road 4 first? That's because ulu simply provides a lot more mesos and monster spawn rate, hence the trade off wouldnt be worth it. You will be earning roughly 2 COG worth of chaos scrolls (200 CS) an hour, which excluding white scroll, gacha and powerful rebirth flames drop.


The recommended requirements for ROR4 are as followed:
- Mage (Fire/Poison) (Spam meteor shower)
- Elemental staff 5 (Level 7, 600 MA, 250 INT, 3* EES if you want to) OR Loveless wand/staff (Buy scrolled from smega auctions)
- 22.9K magic (1 int ≈ 1 MA, so get gears that are high in MA. Starbright has a good reference guide as to how much INT you need from each gear [[HERE]] )
- 4000 Legion (higher = looser requirement on gear stats)

From here, you can consider sticking with mage to farm RTO4 or changing classes. This is entirely up to you, by this point you will have more than enough experience and knowledge to make a decision as to what you feel would be the best choice. This guide will cover the mage route. For farming at RTO4, your new farming main will be a mage (I/L) as the blizzard skill does bonus elemental damage. Be sure to have a loveless weapon by this point for that additional 25% damage boost.


The recommended requirements for RTO4 are as followed:
- Push all unique classes (except for ironman) to level 200. You'll want a very high legion to help reduce requirements of your int gears. At least 4500.
- 29.2K magic (By this point you should have above average INT on all your gears. Examples are 700 INT OA clean, 600 INT pendant, 350+ INT shoes, 100+ INT rings, etc. You should be familiar enough by this point such that the guide is rendered useless. EES your equipment to low stars as well ~3*, helps provide some of that bonus magic. The mobs at RTO4 have a hp of 43,376,970. Just equip the gears on your F/P and farm in RoR4, and by the time your F/P mage does that damage, move everything to your I/L mage and begin farming ROR4)
- Fully awakened slyph ring if you are able to afford it, else you can start funding for it only after you begin RtO4 farming. Sylph ring removes the 30% INT reduction from your legion bonus, making you gain your INT back substantially. However, it is not a necessary component to get to RtO4.
- Get your I/L mage to level 250 either by training or leeching (More base AP in INT the better)

As you continue gearing up your I/L once you are able to OHKO RTO4, you may want to consider switching to a bishop for its extra 10% drop rate buff by using holy symbol at lvl 255. However, take note that this will remove your elemental advantage, so you will require higher magic to OHKO the monsters.

After RTO4 you will start farming at Vera. You will want to consult with your buddies and guild at this point as to where to farm at, and recommended magic. You can also go to vera and use @mobhp to determine how much magic is needed using the $magic command found in discord. You will also want to fund for a bossing main from here on out. Currently, the most popular classes for both bossing and vera farming are thunder breaker, wind archer and flame wizard.

As you begin training your legion, your first few classes may feel hard to grind for and you might also feel pressured to buy yourself good equipment from the FM. That's perfectly fine, but you should budget yourself such that you don't recklessly overspend. Good common equipment such as pink cape, work gloves and masks are good for a minor stat boost for your characters. If you are looking for specific equipment, use the @wd command and farm the monster there. Majority of the spooky world mobs will drop lvl 70-90 weapons for you to use.

Additionally, buy yourself or scroll a speed bathrobe overall. This provides additionally mobility for your character, allowing you to transverse maps faster and saving lots of time. You can easily fund yourself for one of this by spamming gachapon for profit.

As for your main farming/ bossing character, the somewhat "above average, but not so OP that long term players will want it" stats for equipment (pre-EES) are:

Most Bang for Your Buck
Pendant - 600 stat / 60 MA / 45 WA
Timeless Pendant, spend max 10 COG. Avoid chaos horntail pendant as more expensive.
OA - 650-700 stat/ MA not necessary/ 140 WA
Timeless, spend max 12 COG
Ring (Circle of ancient thought/strength) - 100 stat
Usually goes for 100-125cs
Face - 10-15 stat
Buy any masks off FM shops. I like smiley mask due to additional speed.
Helmet - 300 stat, does not apply to enraged zakum helmet
Targa, Scarlion, Normal Zakum, Timeless. Spend max 5 COG

Moderate Bang for Your Buck
Eyes - 400 stat / 70 MA / 70WA
Spectrum Goggles, spend max 8 COG
Cape - 400 stat / 100 MA / 100 WA
Blackfist Cloak, spend max 13 COG
Shoe - 400 stat/ 80 MA/ 80 WA
Timeless. Spend max 8 COG
Earring - 300 stat/ 90 MA/ 100 WA
Timeless. Spend max 12 COG
Glove - 350 stat / 50 MA / 70 WA (Affordable for other classes, expensive for Mage)
Timeless. Spend max 6 COG

Least Bang for Your Buck
Belt - 300 stat/ 70 MA/ 80 WA
Enraged Zakum Belt. Spend max 30 COG
Shield - 350 stat/ 100 MA / 120 WA (Affordable for other classes, expensive for Mage)
Timeless. Spend max 15 COG

*Take note that 1 MA ≈ 1 INT, so higher INT stats are useful while trading off MA. For WA on the other hand, it is important that you get more of it, as it provides more attack as your primary stat increases
** This is all based off personal opinion, so you should refer to the smegas of item being sold to understand what is "above average" at that time. A good benchmark for it is whether you find it affordable when farming in ulu after a full day and if the deal has a good stat to COG spent ratio. The worse off an equipment is, the cheaper it will be. Don't try going for the best in all the gearing or you'll be wastefully spending money.
*** Spending recommendation is just from my own perspective. If you have the budget to go for a better gear, so be it. Market will also fluctuate and there may come a point the recommended price for given stats are hard to come by. Just use the guide as a side note.

By the time you're done training your legion and starting to farm a ulu or the gachapon, you might have encountered some buddies along the way. If you haven't, fret not. Joining a guild is another great alternative, and I'm here to suggest some to you. Take note that before joining any guild, you should be joining it using your MAIN CHARACTER and not one of your legion mules. If you're changing mains, just inform either the guild master or jr.master to add you back in.

These are the guilds I would currently recommend joining (Obviously bias af because I'm liaised with them):

1) SGMY - A guild named after Singapore and Malaysia which openly accepts players from both countries. The guild members are friendly and you can expect a lending hand from senior players and joining bossing expedition with them.

2) Rise - A relatively new guild recently formed which is currently led by Jozze. Jozze is one of the veteran players who has been helping people out wherever possible - just does it best by helping people in fighting chaos bosses. The guild is made to help serve new players wherever possible.

3) Heartless - One of the bigger guilds currently present in the server, except its name doesn't do it justice. Heartless takes good care of their members and are homed to verteran players as well. They share a similar belief to help new players in and out of their guild one way or another.

4) Avengers - A guild who welcomes new players formed by a band of close friends.

These guilds I mentioned are under an alliance together to help new players. Joining any of them will both greatly accelerate your gameplay and make it much more enjoyable.

Refer to the brilliant guide [[HERE]]

Main conversion takeaways are:
100 Chaos Scroll = 1 COG
150 White Scroll = 1 Maple Leaf
250 White Scroll = 20% innocence scroll

WindiaMS employs an equipment levelling feature that allows equipment of sorts (even pet equip and NX aura ring) to level up and gain bonus stats. The highest stat of the equipment is usually given priority when the equipment is levelled, therefore earning the most bonus compared to the rest. For example, a gear with 30 STR and 15 DEX may level to have 70 STR 30 DEX by level 5. The relative stat scaling is not proportionate and usually random, but important takeaway is to have your equipment main stat scrolled to be the highest while the equip is level 1. Currently, I am unable to find any information how exactly the levelling system works mathematically. To know whether your equipment levelled to have good stats, refer to smega sales and consult your friends and guild.

The general method of scrolling equipment goes like this:

Base Equipment > RoT if needed > Golden hammer> 10% Scroll/Chaos/COG > Level 5 it > Level 7 if good stats > Use flame (at any point, no issues) > Use equipment enchantment scrolls (EES)

Flame mechanics can be found in Wallace05's Windia guide [[HERE]]

I'll also cover some frequently asked questions about scrolling gears:

Q: Shouldn't I flame the gear first so that it has a higher base stat before levelling it up, therefore giving more stats per level?

Bonus stats provided by flame are not accounted for when the gear levels up, only those from scrolling are. Therefore, you can use the flame at any point of time, but usually I'd use it last as flaming a level 1 item artificially inflates the base stat of the equipment, making it seem "good" before it even gets scrolled.

Q: How do I level my equipment to lvl7, how do people get WA/MA on their timeless overalls, and when should I level 7 them?

To level 7 your equipment, talk to the pink flowers NPC above Fredrick in FM, you will need maple leafs to do so. The cost of levelling from 6-7 costs double of levelling 5-6, and each equipment type has its own different maple leaf payment in order to be levelled up. Whether you should level up the equipment depends on how good the stats are at level 5. There's no definite way of knowing this however, and I am unable to find any guides that mathematically show the possible max range. So the next best method is to consult your buddies and guild mates whether it would be worth levelling. As for timeless overalls, they naturally come without WA or MA. To apply the following stats, you will need to use a rock of time (obtained from pink bean) using the blue flower NPC, also on top of Fredrick.

Q: When should I EES my gears? Is it really important?

EES will only be necessary once you try reaching for RTO4 stats without buying a slyph ring and to enter vera. While starting out, it is just better off selling your EES away for COG. You'll know that you need to use it the moment the time comes -follow your instincts.


You might be wondering how some people are able to equip three pets, and how some of them have a huge flying blue dragon or the mesoranger effect right behind them. To answer your questions, we'll approach the query in the following steps: Learning "Follow the Lead" Skill > Buying the correct pet that has a background effect > Levelling them up > Evolving them for the effect

Step 1: Learning "Follow the Lead" to wield 3 pets


You'll first need to get yourself to Henesys pet Park. To do so, get to Henesys, enter the mushroom park portal and head to the hidden portal disguised as a cat statue.


From there, accept the quest from Trainer Bartos at the left side of the map to retrieve a hidden note. Take note: Pink bean pet will not trigger the quest.

The hidden note is located at the very top, inside a basket of cats. You do not need to climb all the way up, click on the basket the moment it appears in your screen and you're done. I strongly recommend unequipping your medal, pet and watching a guide if you are bad at the jump quest. Once the hidden note is retrieved, you will need to re-equip your pet and buy 1 pet snack from the cash shop, under the "pet-use" section. The quest is now completed, and you can equip 3 pets.

Step 2: Buying the Correct Pets

There are only 2 pets currently that are able to evolve and provide the special background effect when 3 of the same evolved pet breed are equipped - these are the baby dragon and robo pet. At this point, you could opt to just buy 3 normal pets and ignore the dragon/robo effect entirely. However, if you're willing to spend the time for getting the effect, continue reading the guide.


Once you buy 3 of either one, you will need to start levelling it to 15 for evolution to occur. Pet hunger in the game is disabled, so how do you exactly level it quickly? The answer is by spamming commands - using the right method. Take note you cannot equip two baby pets of the same breed at any point of time, hence making the process a little tedious.


Step 3: Levelling the Babies to Level 15

First, find yourself any ladder to latch onto. Make sure to have your baby pet equipped by this point. Then, create a party for yourself and go to party chat. If you are training a baby dragon, spam the word "POOP" in the chat, and spam the word "SLEEP" if you're training a robo. You'll need to constantly spam it by pressing the up arrow key and enter button one after the other - this whole process will take around 30-40 minutes to level up the pet to level 15. To check the level of your pet, have multiple pet equipped and then equip a pet ring from the cash shop. This will allow you to see the level of your baby pet.


Step 4: Evolving the Babies

Once it's level 15, stop and focus on training the other two to level 15 as well (You will require around 1,642 closeness). The effect requires all 3 of the same pet breed to be evolved. Once you're done, head to the right side of New Leaf City and you'll encounter a wizard-looking NPC called Garnox. You'll need some etc drops by monster and a rock of evolution from the cash shop to level your baby pet to the evolved form.

Currently for dragons, you are able to keep re-evolving the pet into its rare form - the black dragon. The colour combination of the dragons will not affect whether the big blue dragon effect shows up or not. As for robo, re-evolving it is currently bugged at the time of writing this. The rarest form is available is the gorilla robo (which I have yeet).

Once you have 3 evolved dragons or robos, equip them all and stand still. The effect will show up almost immediately. If it doesnt show up, try equipping some NX gears on your character or new equipment in general. That did the fix or me, personally.

The Crimsonwood Keep party quest is located in the crimsonwood keep and requires players to have 3250 legion in order to join. You can get there by using the command, @goto CWKPQ and there are NO PRE-QUESTS REQUIRED to join. This section will be covering the server-sides of things, but this comprehensive guide more or less covers how to solve the puzzles for each classes.
I always have it open in the side as reference >> [[CLICK HERE]]


The CWKPQ acts as an expedition, there won't be any partying needed to enter the PQ. In order for the PQ to begin, there are certain conditions to be met (ONLY ONE OF IT IS REQUIRED, REST ARE JUST RECOMMENDED):

- Participants, each one being from a separate explorer class to active the sigils in the puzzle rooms (REQUIRED)
- A night lord (4th job thief) with a level 30 taunt skill for increase boss's drop rates
- A 4th job warrior with high DPM (20B+ DPM) to tank bottom lane bosses in the boss room
- Other DPM members to attack the top lane boss, margana (she only does poison damage if you attack from a range)
- New members to the community such as yourself, do ask questions with people of your class who are handling the puzzle as to how you can help out. Also, refer to the guide at the same time so you won't be asking dumb questions that end up annoying them.

Entering the CWKPQ

You might have noticed that there is an NPC called jack at the far right, DO NOT start the PQ unless you are the PQ leader. The PQ leader is usually the one who recruits people by smega and is part of the bossing team. Once the PQ leader initiates the PQ, a chat announcement will be made. Register by talking to Jack so that you'll be teleported into the PQ area when everyone's ready. Refer to the CWKPQ guide linked above from here on.

In the Bossing Room

Since this guide will only cover your roles a noob player in the CWKPQ, here is the very first instruction: ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PQ LEADER. Failure to do so will easily lead to your death in the bossing room, and a potential blacklist from joining future expeditions. If you do follow their instructions however, you are 100% guaranteed to live. Usually, you'll be just told to go to the far right of the map and do nothing there while the bossing team handles the job. If you are, however, interested in fighting the top lane boss Margana, ask the other players there for their advice.


No matter what, do not approach the bottom left of the map as that's where usually the warrior boss tankers will push the OHKO bosses to. If you are an archer, there is a possibility of you being in the bossing party for providing sharp eyes buff to them. Just listen to their instructions and you'll be fine. If you're a night lord, you may be told to taunt the bosses once their hp bar is nearly depleted. Ask them when you should taunt the bosses and how to do so when in doubt.


Once the bosses are killed, wait for the PQ leader to talk to the statue and you will be automatically rewarded the legendary hero medal which is required to face chaos-tier bosses. You might have also noticed there is a door to the right of the statue. DO NOT ENTER IT UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO BY THE PQ LEADER, OR YOU WILL FACE A BLACKLIST FROM JOINING FUTURE EXPEDITIONS.


The door does not lead to the exit, it is the bonus room which contains a series of chests to loot from. This is the reason why some players are willing to do CWKPQ for the community for free, and it is everyone's responsibility to maintain that trust. To exit the PQ area, just talk to the statue to let you out after getting the medal. If you're curious of what one can get from the bonus room, they are: spectrum goggles, eternal flame, COGs, frued's journal, blackfist cloak and other miscellaneous loots.

TL;DR (Big thanks to Starbright's guide and Misahki#1466)

Damage per minute (DPM) required:
Zakum - 200 Million DPM (100 mil if you're a flame wizard because of AOE)
Targa/Scarlion - 200 Million DPM
Horntail - 700 Million DPM
Pink Bean - 12 Billion DPM (7 is possible but it takes very long)
Chaos Zakum (Requires CWKPQ medal and 4000 Legion) - 18 Billion DPM
Chaos Horntail (Requires 5 CZak kills) - 25-30 Billion DPM
Chaos Pink bean (Requires 5 CHT kills) - 50 Billion DPM, usually done by duo
Kerberos (Requires 5 CPB kills) - 160 Billion DPM, usually done by 6 members with 23-27 Bil DPM each
* You can test your DPM at the training dummy in the FM by attacking for a full minute

Bosses cooldown (Daily):
Normal Zakum - 2 times per char
Normal Horntail - 2 times per char
Targa & Scarlion - once per char
Pinkbean - once per account
Chaos Zakum - once per account
Chaos horntail - once per account
Chaos pinkbean - once per account
Kerberos - once per account

To avoid paying the NPC 150 million mesos to enter zakum lair during your first entry, get permission from your class's 3rd Job NPC found in the chiefs' residence in el nath. Eyes of fire are sold by the zakum entrance NPC for 25 million per 5 pieces. Do @goto zakum to get there


No pre-quests needed, just do @goto horntail

Targa & Scarlion:
No pre-quests required, but summoning dolls (spirit of fantasy park) are needed to summon the bosses. You can buy them off the FM or do Lam's questline who's found in kampung village, Malaysia (use a return scroll at spooky world to get there quickly). You'll get 2 from Lam when you complete his quest. It can be done daily. If you're buying them off FM, buy 2 so you can summon both targa and scarlion. Do @goto spooky to get to expedition entrance.


Pink Bean:
You are required to complete the temple of time quest line in order to get the black marble etc, which is required to enter pink bean's zone. You can start the quest line by engaging the NPC in the ToT lobby. Do @goto pink bean to teleport to road to oblivion 5 (PB's expedition portal is there)



You heard the boss, fellas

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Apr 27, 2020
Thank you for contributing this information to the Windia community. When I first read about Windia a few weeks ago, I let myself get off-put by all the custom features. Guides like this and guides by those you’ve referenced help ease any hesitation us new players might feel. Cheers.


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Mar 9, 2020
This is amazing, thanks for your contribution to the forum and precious knowledge!


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Apr 21, 2020
Just 2 things. You're able to equip 3 of the same pet. and there are a few other 3x pet effects as well, such as 3 snowmen will create an igloo background effect, and 3 white tigers will create a 'tropical' kinda effect (iirc)


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May 2, 2020
Thanks for the guide. As a solo player, that's such a big dpm gap between the bosses after targa/scarlion


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May 2, 2020
Hi! Is there any reason why your guide says 29.2k for RTO4 and starbrights says 35.6k? I’m leaning towards yours being right since my F/P is hitting 41mil at ROR4 with 28.5k rn. Just wanted to see


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May 2, 2020
Hi! Is there any reason why your guide says 29.2k for RTO4 and starbrights says 35.6k? I’m leaning towards yours being right since my F/P is hitting 41mil at ROR4 with 28.5k rn. Just wanted to see
Never mind, it is 35.6k! Just as a note, RTO mobs are not weak to ice, so it does take more magic to OHKO :)