Ten Things Kizuna Wishes Kizuna Had Known As a New Player In Windia (+Re-Launch)

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Apr 15, 2020
Hello everyone, Kizuna :)

Kizuna is Kizuna, Kizuna is super cute right?


Right. Kizuna thinks so too :). Not only is Kizuna cute, Kizuna is super strong too (Kizuna is sure everyone would agree :))

Kizuna has been playing WindiaMS for less than a month. However, with the help of some new friends, Kizuna now understand how to get strong and some of the features of WindiaMS. Here is Kizuna's guide on some of the things Kizuna wishes Kizuna had known on Kizuna's first day of WindiaMS. Kizuna hope you find this helpful :)

Also if you haven't be sure to read the ToS for Windia written by the great leader Shavit below:

Number 1: Your level does not matter until later
You may think, Kizuna what do you mean? If Kizuna is higher level Kizuna will do more damage right? Well... yes but no. In Windia there is a thingy called legion points. These points multiply your AP by 1% for every ten Levels. To get legion you must level different class characters. Currently there is a total of 22 unique classes which include Beginner, nobelesse, and, Legend.

As an Example, Mages have three different classes: 1. Ice/Lighting, 2. Fire/Poison 3. Cleric. You do NOT have to advance these beyond the second job to get the legion points for that class. So if you do not plan of playing that class, Kizuna does not recommend job advancing to save time.

So yes, you do more damage as your level progresses but a level 30 with high legion can and will out damage a level 200 without any legion. Thus, it is important to level your legion :)


Number 2: Use commands
When Kizuna first came to Windia Kizuna had no idea about commands. No one told Kizuna because Kizuna never asked about something Kizuna didn't know existed. In Windia there are commands available to all players from the start. Some commonly used commands are: @go {map}, @str/dex/int/luk, @mobhp, @wd {item} etc.

for a full list of commands and what they do, type "@commands" in all chat


Remember the @go command. dont be like Kizuna walking all the way up and down Orbits tower :(

Number 3: What is a Cog?
One of the first questions every new player asks is "What is a cog?" (yes, Kizuna has also asked the same question)

When Kizuna first started, Kizuna thought this was a cog:

But then when Kizuna's world was flipped upside-down when Kizuna found it wasn't.

"EHHHhhh!!!! What do you mean a cog is a chaos scroll of goodness!?" Kizuna said.

This is currently the standard currency in WindiaMS and when people sell weapons it is usually in cogs.

EX. "S> Pflames 350:1" This means that the person wants to trade 350 Powerful Rebirth Flames for 1 cog.

As of right now, the rate for a cog is:
100 Chaos Scrolls
350 Powerful Rebirth Flames
15 Eternal Rebirth Flames
450 White Scrolls
3.5 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls

If this seems confusing, don't worry about it for now. Go level and make your characters strong like Kizuna :)

Also, Please, if you think you're funny and smart for bidding with the clock "cog" DON'T! Its considered false bidding and is bannable!!

EDIT: This is a real cog -> @jacοb#0828

Number 4: How to get NX
This was one of the primary things that attracted Kizuna towards Windia.
As a wise woman once put it, "NX is Life" -Jezzica.

NX can be obtained through.....................Drum Roll Please....................... Voting or killing monsters!

"@vote" will bring you to your voting page where you can vote 3x a day with a VPN or on 3 different devices.
voting once will give you 10K in NX and 2 Voting Points (I will explain Voting Points later)

When monsters drop NX it will look like this. Trust Kizuna you won't miss it :)

NX is not a rare commodity in Windia as farming for 2 hours should get you about 250k NX so if you ever run out of VIP Teleport Rocks, Ask Around. Many people will be happy to give you some :).

Number 5: Voting Points and other currencies
Voting Points:
You can purchase Many things in Windia with Voting Points (VP). Speak to "Agent W" in the free market to see how many VP you have and what you can buy with VP.



Credits are obtained through donations on Windia's official website. They can also be obtained through "Red Luck Sacks" which can be purchased from players with cogs. Once you purchase credits, you can speak to Inkwell in the FreeMarket to access the Credits shop. Credits are the only way to obtain VIP in the game. "VIP allows you to use @goto without cooldowns, use Miu Miu infinitely, discounts on VIP Teleport Rock, 1000 max items per slot, item filter, @buffme (Haste/Echo of Hero/Hyper Body/Bless)"


NX Prepaid:
NX Prepaid an be obtained through "Agent W" with VP or can be purchased with credits from Inkwell. Some items in the CashShop require NX Prepaid.

Number 6: Gachapon
Gachapon is going to be your best friend when you start Windia (Wish Kizuna knew about this best friend. The struggles were real!). Gachapon tickets can be obtained cheaply from player's shops or are dropped from monsters. Currently Gachapon tickets costs from 40m-80m for a stack of 1,000.

Purchase it, sell most of the equipments to a vendor, keep rings that are +3,+3, and eternal rebirth flames. You can use the command @sell to sell all your equipments in your inventory except upgraded ones.

I know 40m may seem like a lot of money in the beginning but if you buy it. Kizuna promise you will make your money back (I failed 49/50 10% scrolls once so if you dont then your RNG is worse than mines)

Number 7: Equpiments
Okay, Brace yourself, This is going to be a really really long section.

In Windia there are equipment levels for most equipments. Your equipments start from level 1 and can be leveled up to level 7. You kill any monsters to level your equipment up to level 5 and beyond that you have to talk to "a pile of pink flowers" in the FreeMarket



Equipments Can also be upgraded with Powerful Rebirth Flames and Eternal Rebirth Flames which can drop from monsters and bosses respectively.


Rebirth Flames will roll str,dex,int,luk stats on a weapon. The max stat that can be achieved is based on the level of the item. The Max stat is (level/2 +1)*7 for Powerful Rebirth Flames and (level/2 +1)*10 for Eternal Rebirth Flames. On an overall equipment it is level rounded up. The max result can only be achieved with Eternal Rebirth Flames.

Here is an example of an item that has used a Rebirth Flame


Leveling a equipment will enhance and increase the stats that are ALREADY PRESENT on the item thus making it stronger as you can see from the picture on the right hand side.


You want to scroll your weapons BEFORE leveling your equipment as this will provide the most amount of stat for your equipment. In the beginning you can use cheap scrolls but you should try your best to save your money/chaos scolls/currencies mentioned above, to purchase equipments. Also, dont forget to use Vicious Hammer to get 2 extra slots for scrolling.

The most powerful equipments are scrolled with cogs. Once you reach a certain point, you should probably not use any scrolls except for cogs.

Only After Leveling, should you use Rebirth Flames to enhance the Stats.


Also, for Equip Enhancement Scrolls, Dont worry about those for now, once you are ready to use them you will know what they are.

After reading all that, are you confused yet? Kizuna bets you are! So, basically if you are new, buy equipment from other people with cogs. If you want to make your own weapon which Kizuna dont recommend doing, the order for the best stats is as follows: Hammer->scroll->level to 5->Rebirth if you plan to use for now, or if its good, contiune to level to 7->Equip Enhancement Scroll.

If Kizuna had known this before because then Kizuna wouldn't have wasted 200m on a shield thats barely usable.

Windia is somewhat different from normal Maplestory. If training at a certain place ever gets too difficult or monsters seem like they're impossible to kill, it probably means that you're doing it wrong and there's probably an easier way! Ask what you are doing wrong!

By joining an active guild you join a circle of players that know what they are doing and can help. They may even help leech your characters to help you level your legion. Currently the guild Kizuna is in is Kizuna. Kizuna is accepting active mains that are friends or fans of Kizuna.
/// /// /// ~ Active ~ "Friendly" ~ "Helpful" ~ FM/NX ~ /// /// ///
-Whisper Kizuna, Beeshop, BumbleBee, Zabu, Cranky in-game for an invite-

There are always friendly people in the FreeMarket that can answer your questions. or give you any kind of support you may need! (Despite Kizuna's great strength, Kizuna's Achilles' heel is Kizuna's mesos so dont ask Kizuna for mesos)

Join the server discord. There are also always players, admins, or GMs on Discord that can help you out. Don't be afraid to ask! No one here bites (as far as Kizuna knows).

Number 9: Crusader Codex
Your Crusader Codex is your best friend. It is where all of your extra stats are in. It is important to collect monster cards and do quests. As a Maplestory player, Kizuna hated quests and Kizuna never did any quests and just grinded Kizuna-self from level 1-180 and then Kizuna joined a guild and they thought Kizuna was trolling. You should do 250 quests and collect monster cards. Different monster card tiers will give you different stats.


Here's the monster card stat details Kizuna found from Wallace05's Guide:
"-STR/DEX/INT/LUK: Unique tier 7 cards + amount of tier 7 sets + unique tier 8 cards + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + (total amount of tier 9 cards / 2.5).

-Weapon Attack: Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets

-Magic Attack: (Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets) * 1.5

-Max HP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets

-Max MP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets + unique tier 1 cards

-Accuracy, Weapon DEF, Magic DEF: Total amount of collected cards across all tiers

-Speed: Amount of tier 4 sets + amount of tier 5 sets + amount of tier 6 sets + (total amount of unique cards across all tiers / 100)

-Jump: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers / 10

-Avoidability: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers + total amount of unique cards across all tiers"

Kizuna's translation: Get as many Tier 7,8,9 cards as you can as this will increase your damage. Everything else, do it later.

Number 10: Farming
Lastly, Kizuna wishes Kizuna knew where to farm and what to do when farming. In Windia, The primary things you are going to be farming for is Chaos Scrolls, White Scrolls, and Rebirth Flames. All monsters can drop this but the rate at which they drop varies by level. Make sure you go to "Agent A" in the FreeMarket to buy an item vac for 2 or 10 hours as this will help you pick up all the items on the map automatically. Here are a few of the best spots to farm and Kizuna recommend moving to a spot once you get strong enough to one hit those monsters.

Ulu Estate II in Singapore -> Ulu City Center -> Road of Regrets(RoR) in Time Lane -> Road to Oblivion4(RTO4)

HELLO! Its Kizuna again. The new and improved, and cuter, and stronger Kizuna is back! Heres some Info for re-launch that was helpful to Kizuna.

Decent Buffs are now available... POG!!!
  • Decent skills:Decent buff skills will only apply to yourself, and cannot be used in instances (PQs, boss fights).
    • umhcrW7.png




      Decent Combat Step: Available to all warriors and pirates. Obtained by reaching level 200 on an Aran character in your account. The skill shows up in your first job tab. Can be used while airborne. Delay between uses: 1300ms.
    • kXPrjOe.png

      Decent Holy Symbol: Available to all characters that have advanced to 4th job, except for Bishop. Obtained by reaching level 200 on a Bishop character in your account. The skill shows up in your beginner job tab. Skill provides additional 50% EXP rate and 10% drop rate.
    • WKDVPGp.png

      Decent Meso Up: Available to all characters that have advanced to 4th job, except for Night Lord. Obtained by reaching level 200 on a Night Lord character in your account. The skill shows up in your beginner job tab. Skill provides additional 50% gold rate.
    • g9m0ZIE.png

      Decent Sharp Eyes: Available to all characters that have advanced to 4th job, except for bowmen. Obtained by reaching level 200 on either a Bowmaster or a Marksman character in your account. The skill shows up in your beginner job tab. Skill provides 15% critical rate, and 40% critical damage.
    • XHdTnQ0.png

      Decent Speed Infusion: Available to all characters that have advanced to 4th job, except for Buccaneer and Striker. Obtained by reaching level 200 on either a Buccaneer or a Striker character in your account. The skill shows up in your beginner job tab. Skill provides additional 2 stages for your attack speed degree.
    • JEHUFN8.png


      Decent Spirit Jump: Available to all bowmen. Obtained by reaching level 200 on a Wind Breaker character in your account. The skill shows up in your first job tab. Effect similar to the various Flash Jump skills. Can be used on the ground.
    • Note: Evan learns said skills upon reaching the 9th advancement.
  • Weapon multipliers:
    • Mace (1h): 3.2x -> 3.0x for stab action.
    • Axe (1h): 4.4x/3.2x -> 4.0x for both stab/swing actions.
    • Axe (2h): 4.8x/3.4x -> 4.6x for both stab/swing actions.

Kizuna Recommends first getting Holy Symbol (HS) then getting Sharp Eyes (SE)

Phew... That was a lot of typing and writing. Kizuna must say, the person that wrote this guide did a really good job and has suffered a great deal so you don't need to. A true hero. So if you see Kizuna in the FM you should give Kizuna a tonnn of money! (Okay fine! Or don't! Or think that Kizuna is a weirdo that always talks in third person :mad:)
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Mar 30, 2020
Vip and benefits, &go got cd if u aren’t vip, a train guide, quest and codex, what items are important in gacha, what dpm need to do zk ht scarlion and targa,


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Feb 23, 2020
Does VIP come with item vac, or is the only way to get item vac from vote points?
VIP doesn't come with Item VAC, currently the only ways to obtain an item vacuum is either by using your vote points (VP) and selecting the 2-hour/10-hour VAC or alternatively purchase from the credits store. It costs 20k credits to get an Item Vacuum for 30 days and you can get the credits to do so by either donating $25 OR you can buy RLS from other players (RLS = Red Luck Sack, it's a way of itemizing credits and 1 RLS is equal to 10,000 credits)
and one RLS usually costs 8 cogs although right now the market for it is kind of screwed due to PayPal being down for a few weeks earlier. At the time of posting this reply it's ~10-12cogs, depends on who you can find but I'm fairly sure it'll stabilize back down to 8 over time.


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Apr 13, 2020
Thank you for this Kizuna! We are not worthy of Kizuna and are eternally grateful.
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