Starter Guide (Legion levels ect.)


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Jan 20, 2022
This Guide is hopefully going to have a lot of early game useful tips and tricks for new players starting out the server and looking for answers i will update this guide as i find new ways to level and as i find new tips for new players.

There a number of commands available in Windia. To find a current list of all commands, type @commands in game. Some of the most important commands that will help you on your journey are:
  • @goto
    • This command will warp you to another area instantly. Type @goto by itself to find the list of available areas. This command has a 20 minute cooldown for all non-VIP users.
  • @wd <item_name>
    • This command will list all the monsters that drop the given item.
  • @wdf <monster_name>
    • This command will list all the drops from the given monster.
  • @sell
    • This command will sell ALL NON-UPGRADED ITEMS in your equipment tab. This is useful for easily obtaining money early game and clearing out your equipment inventory. However, please be careful that you do not have any non-upgraded items in your equipment tab that you want to keep. It is recommended to flame or use an item tag on any items you want to keep or put them in the storage.

This is how i leveled new characters after i created the blaze wizard and did the 250 quests (Click here for 250 quest guide.) so i could get the perm account wide 100 ATK and MATK

Level 1-10: do the tutorial to get level 10 (its quite quick)
Level 10-30: I do @goto sleepywood and kill curse eyes till i can do 2nd job advancement at 30
Level 30-70: First do Mushroom kingdom quest line (gets you to level 58, make sure to turn in the quest to bruce in henesys) then go to Nautilus harbor and go into the Nautilus cafeteria and turn in strange dish 1, 2, 3 to Tangyoon (gets you to level 62) after that go to herb town thru mu lung and turn in the quest gathering up the lacking ingredients to Mr. Ku (gets you to level 64) then head over to magatia thru ariant and turn in the a present for keeny and do the first 3 quests from keeny (this gets you to level 68) after that kill a few of the droids in magatia to get to level 70 then talk to han the brooker to start the Neo City questline

Items needed for quests:
100 Mutated Spores
100 Poison Mushroom Caps
100 Intoxicated Pig Tail
200 Destroyed Helmets
200 Broken Spears
40 Evil Eye Tails
50 Curse Eye Tails
50 Cold Eye Tails
100 Piece of Steel
100 Hardened Piece of Steel
80 Wires
160 Plugs
Use your blaze wizard to farm these easy with meteor

Level 70-140: Neo City questline (Neo City Guide), remaining levels done at skelegons @goto skelegon

Get all unique classes to 140 before you start going past 140 thats my opinion anyway