Small changes to Corsair


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Sep 5, 2021
In-game name: YoyotjeDW, Yoyotje, YoyotjeGun

Description of suggestion:

Corsairs are currently viewed as pretty weak. They have their cons but not that much pro's. Since I think the aesthetics of Corsair look really nice I am proposing a few buffs to make him somewhat viable in the current meta.

First of all I have no desire at all to buff the class up to the strongest of the game, just a few tweaks here and there for Corsairs to play with the big boys such as Night Walker or Soul Master.

The key part of Corsair weakness currently is that he does not excell in any particular aspect of the game (besides being the only dex pirate). He does not provide anything for a bossing party besides his dpm, which is honestly a bit low compared to other classes (Like Soul Master/Night Walker/Evan etc) with the same funding.
Besides that his farming is pretty bad as wel. The Air Strike skill does hit 12 enemies but the damage output is very low compared to other classes. This has several reasons. The skill only has one line and the damage itself is just straight up not even close as high as other classes do. The cast animation is very very long compared to other skills (35 casts per minute compared to DW Solar Pierce with 100 casts per minute). And the skill cannot hit below Corsair itself.
Lastly the Battleship plays only a very very small part of the class. With defense from codex so high and so much avoidability you can pretty much stay endlessly on your ship. While being on your ship barely has any perks besides more damage to multiple monsters (which can't hit two platforms). The dpm to a single target is lower on the ship than using Rapid Fire.

Following here I will add some suggestions and options to bring Corsair back from the depth of the void. I also want to state that I have no experience with coding or the damage formula's. As such I don't know how hard some options are to implement and I will not provide suggestions to skill damage % or anything since I wouldn't know what I was talking about.

Suggestion 1: Improve Air Strike
There are a few ways this skill could be improved. The essential part is doing more damage in less time than it requires now. This can be achieved by a few options:
Option 1: Increase skill% damage or add additional lines so the damage output on a single cast is higher. As I don't have experience with the formula's I'll just spit out some numbers that can be tweaked. 1200% 1 line -> 1000% 2 line.
Option 2: Reduce cast time and skill delay significantly.
This way Corsair could be seen as a class that is able to farm on it's own but is not a top tier farmer.

Suggestion 2: Improve Battleship
Currently there barely are any benefits in using your Battleship, neither is their any punishment for bad mechanics that makes you lose your Battleship.
Option 1: Give Battleship a set duration and a cooldown. For example 60 sec duration with a 150 sec cooldown. Also greatly increase both Battleship Cannon and Battleship Torpedo damage output. This way you can see it as a 'burst window' that is not easily abused.
Option 2: Similar to the option above but in stead of adding a duration and cooldown you can add a stacking mechanism. Upon attacking a monster x (maybe 250?) amount of times you'll unlock Battleship for a short duration (30-60sec?). Also here greatly increase the Battleship skills. This way you get rewarded for good mechanics and Battleship will be relevant.
Option 3: Simply add x% final damage to the usage of Battleship.

Suggestion 3: Improve Homing Beacon/Bullseye
I have seen suggestions on this forum already where people suggest to make it a partywide damage buff. And I would love to see that implemented. This way Corsairs have value in bossing parties besides their dpm (Which isn't currently high to begin with). 20% I reckon would be way to much so it should be tuned down. Still like this suggestion a lot!

Suggestion 4: Improve DPM
These options are to increase the overall dpm of corsair to make them more viable. Every option in suggestion 2 does also fall under here. But if those would NOT be implemented there are a few more options to increase the DPM.
Option 1: Straight up more damage on Rapid Fire, more damage/lines.
Option 2: Increase passive damage from Bullseye

I am curious what you Maplers think of these suggestions and I would love to hear your feedback!