Resolved Report for inappropraite behaviour


New member
Jun 23, 2022
Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am Swifty, an active and supportive player of WindiaMS.

Username of player being reported: palytarius

Reason: The context was as follows. I was switching channels to find an empty map to train my I/L mage in ulu, when I bumped into palytarius. My pet was equipped with auto-loot, and I did not even realise that I had looted any item from palytarius's map. I even offered him free leeching, which he denied tersely. I eventually found an empty map where I proceeded with training when palytarius started to bombard me with inappropriate language like "asshole", "dimwit", among many others. This was notwithstanding that I tried to reply objectively and cordially. I eventually had to resort to mean words as well, but that did not stop his incessant flaming despite my genuine attempts to resolve the situation. While I am generally quite chill, this affected my enjoyment of the server deeply, and I can only hope that he will be given a stern warning/temporary ban before he ruins this amazing server for our WindiaMS friends.

Rules you think they are breaking: Inappropriate behaviour.

Map name (if applicable): Ulu City Center
Screenshot and/or video evidence if applicable (will help a lot with the report!): By any chance am I able to share the screenshots via discord? I can't seem to upload them here. Thank you, and may you have a great weekend ahead!



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Feb 3, 2020
DM the SS to me on discord please and let me know it's related to this thread.