Ironman Skill Changes


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May 12, 2020
In-game name: AsyncIron, AsyncBishop, Async.

Description of suggestion:

I love the Ironman class, and I've been progressing towards killing Pink Bean. I have quite a few suggestions here, and I accompany them with my justification.

Add Hero's Skill Power Crash to Ironman:
One of the major hurdles for Ironman's progression is bossing. With the inability to bring a hero along for crash, many boss fights include periods of time where you can't do any damage. On top of making progression harder as an Ironman, it's both boring and irritating. You can't "play the game" while the boss can't take damage, and you don't have any possibility of counter play.

Add Mastery to the existing Gains skill:
Damage aside, inconsistency in farming feels bad. Every time you get low roll damage on a mob and leave it with a sliver of health, you have to teleport back and finish it off- and it just doesn't make farming on the class feel as enjoyable as other classes.

Remove Smite Shield and Glass Cannon:
While the idea of juggling the cool down abilities is cool, the animations and positioning to use them efficiently feels like a chore rather then an aid. Death star has use at bosses with multiple hit boxes like Zakum or Horntail. But it isn't worth using the other two in nearly any situation. I imagine this being very confusing to new Ironmen who are trying to figure out how to efficiently use their skills.

Add a Single Target "Special" Ability:
If you doing a single target boss, it is currently a detriment to your DPS to use the "special abilities." I like the idea of the cool down abilities being short bursts of high damage. I think the idea of having 1 multi-target and 1 single-target special ability much easier to understand as a new Ironman.

Re-balance relationship between Brandish and Blast:
Currently both skills are roughly equal when it comes to single target damage, but brandish has the advantage of longer range and ability to hit multiple enemies. There doesn't seem to be any real reason to use Blast at this point.

[OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description):

Example of Ironman Range:

Skill DPS Tests:

P.S. Thanks for helping us all get through this global pandemic.


Nov 20, 2019
Big Fan! Agree with all the changes. Definitely need the gains to be fixed and some mastery would be amazing. If we are taking away glass cannon and smite shield I hope they can be replaced by something cool. Also if we trade out blast for a different skill it would be sweet for a single target skill to actually outshine brandish.
Maybe make 250-255 get 1 SP per level if there is a possibility of just adding new skills. (like achillies so we can solo cwkpq) or possible buffs like SE or something to buff this very cool class some.

BUT I main ironman so of course I want it to be super awesomely OP