Ironman Ring


Nov 20, 2019
Ironman Ring would be craftable throughout the journey. The idea is to bridge the gap between some of the hard grinds.
There would be 4 upgrades:

  • 5x Zakum Diamond
  • 5x Horntail Egg
  • 5x Rock of Time
  • 5x Vamp Crystal

The first would be 5x Zakum Diamonds for some flat stat to help push to horntail.

The second would be 5x Horntail Eggs for some flatt att added to make the HT to PB gap a little smoother.

Third would be the ability to unlock slots on the ring. Not sure how many scrollable slot it should be possibly 5x RoT to unlock the first then 1x or 2x for each available after that. Then add a ironman ring scroll to scroll it. Possibly craft scrolls with pieces of time and possibly an timeless weapon or monster crystals. This is to help with the push from PB to CWKPQ/ end game bosses.

Fourth and final would be the %bossdmg needed to clear Kerberos to help push the 55b-60b ironman into getting the long grind of tyrant equips.

Obviously this is just a rough idea and would need tons of testing to get the right numbers but I think the overall purpose of the ring to help in the tough grind/ spot that you seem to plateau at would be encouraging to continue the ironman grind. The third suggestion is a lot of work so if there was something more fitting to bridge the gap from PB to CWK that would go here. Maybe something to give better bursts or more even dmg like crit rate.
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Head of Staff
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Oct 20, 2019
This can be looked into, but we've got some changes in the pipeline and on Tespia to help push that Kerberos gap for Ironman.
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