IMPORTANT How to run Windia on M1 Macs


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Jun 28, 2022
Macbook M1 chip - crossover
At first, I would get stuck with the recommended resolution message on a black screen which I did change to 1650x1050. After that, after multiple attempts of loading the game, here and there I would get to the login and eventually made a character until I got kicked off the game again. Now if I do get lucky on the loading screen the furthest I can go is selecting a channel. In all other attempts, it's always a black screen and sometimes it's the loading screen music in the background of a black screen. I've tried restarting my laptops multiple times too. There's also no exit message all the times the app quits unexpectedly after a black screen. If it doesn't self-quit I eventually force quit the app after a hot minute of the black screen. I'm not too sure on how to troubleshoot this problem - any help would be great thanks! I really wanna maple lol Dx