How to make profit for early - mid gamers


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May 13, 2020
Method 1 - p.flames

  1. Start with 1 cog​
  2. buy 300 p.flames with 1 cog​
  3. sell 300 p.flames to NPC (+600m)​
  4. buy 3 EEs from MiuMiu (-525m)​
  5. trade 3 EEs for 1 cog​
So you get +75m profit (NO TAX) from one cycle. Let's say you do that with 10 cogs per cycle (+750m NO TAX). Let's say you do that 10 times a day (+7.5b NO TAX)

See? That's why there are people always using smega hunting for p.flames. And you might be wondering, " Who in the world would buy 3 EES for 1 cog?" Well, super late-game players buy EES at that rate because they dont really care. Also, 175m per EE makes it inconvenient to allow for
a better rate (for example, say the rate is 4EEs:1cog, then this would mean 700m:1cog...not happening... okay so how about
3.5EEs:1cog, then this would mean 612.5m:1cog..... okay this is better makes things look complicated and tedious)
That is why we have 3EEs:1Cog rate in the present.

Now, I'm sure once competition kicks in, it wont be as easy to make profit off this strategy, but there is at least one great takeaway

Sell everything for mesos (ws, cs, etc at FM with your shop....... p.flames ofc sell to NPC)

Then you invest all your mesos into buying EES

This way, you are literally buying 1 cog for 525m

Good Luck, don't get scammed!

Method 2 - scrolling timeless mage items with cs

  1. buy timeless mage gloves/shoes/overall at FM. Decent price [gloves: 300~800m] [shoes: 300~800m] [overall: 200~500m] The base INT doesn't really matter. We are not going for some super godly item (and even with high base INT, it's HIGHLY unlikely to hit something godly]
  2. hammer the equipment twice. chaos scroll all the way. If you gained more than +15 ints from scrolling (+25 for OA), then it's a good sign. Go level up your item to LVL5 by killing mobs. Even if you didn't gain +15 ints, go level it up anyways.
  3. Take a close look at how many INT points your item gains per level. If you feel like it's scuffed hard because of bad RNG (like gaining only a single digit of 8 INT from lvl 4 to lvl 5 would be considered terrible), just put it up in your FM shop for a little higher than how much you paid for the original item (make sure to e.flame it once or p.flame it to buff up the total INT) If you feel like your item got some good RNG rolls from LVL1-LVL5, use maple leaves to level it up from LVL5 to LVL7 (It only costs 1 cog for gloves, shoes. And 2 cogs for overall). Regardless of the result, e-flame it.
  4. Smega the item, usually you make close to double the amount you invest. If anything, you can just use it for yourself. Cogs are super cheap these days, so you might as well just sell your scrolled item for mesos and buy EEs (refer to method 1)
Price for shoes/gloves 300 ~ 400 INT (4~8cogs)
Price for shoes/gloves 400 ~ 500 INT (8~12cogs)
Price for shoes/gloves 500+ (Jackpot)

From personal experience, it's pretty hard to make a loss from this method. Also, it's quite fun because you have psychological ups and downs as you see RNG rolling.

You can also scroll timeless mage shields and timeless mage hats, but these are to be taken with extra caution because
clean mage shields are pretty expensive (unless you luckily buy it for cheap) and there is a better alternative for hats (which is Czak helm)
Anyways, if you are going to scroll a timeless mage shield, the first slot should be scrolled with 10% shield m.att

Have fun scrolling and doubling your money!

Method 3 - Scroll Hunting

Now, it's usually better to be a striker to farm for scrolls, especially if you wear items that give movement speed boost.
This is because a striker has decent AOE without as much delay between spell cast (as opposed to mages).
A striker can also cast his tornado while jumping, which makes it incredibly convenient.

Whether you use a striker or mage, it would be very helpful to get
some speed items including but not limited to Smiling Mask, Snail's Eye, Bathrobe, Bone Helm, and Blue Whitebottom Boots.
Make sure to get a gear for your pet and scroll it with pet speed 10%
You can also complete tier 4,5,6 in your monsterbook (press B to open) for great additional speed boost.

Who do we hunt?

When you reach any of these maps, you should save it on your vip rock assuming you would be coming back here often.
Also keep in mind that you can press TRADE to the right of your exp bar at the bottom of the screen to go back and forth between
the farming map and free market.

Trucker (lvl 48).
Drop: Scroll for Knuckler for ATT 10% (sells for 4cs each, or 25m in your shop)
Drop Rate: 0.4%
Note: type @go singapore and walk your way there

Grupin (lvl 53)
Drop: Scroll for Two-handed Sword for ATT 10% (sells for 2~4cs each, or 15~25m in your shop)
Drop Rate: 0.3%
Note: Fantastic map for striker. Fantastic spawn rate. type @go orbis and walk your way there

Vikerola (lvl 87).
Drop: Scroll for Overall Armor for INT 10% (sells for 2~3cs each, or 15~20m in your shop)
Drop Rate: 0.4%
Note: Buffed hp and exp. type @go spooky and go one map to the left

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