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Dec 3, 2019
As Windia's FAQ personnel, I've seen this question being asked a lot - "How do I get the maker skill?" and although, I give them an answer on where to start.. they somehow come back and ask "Where do I find blah blah?" so, I've decided to create this guide to answer all of those questions. In case you're wondering why we need the Maker skill, well, it's an essential part of Windia. It's used for just about a lot of things such as; Exchanging Chaos Scrolls to COGS, White Scroll to Maple Leaf/Innocence Scroll, Unlocking Tyrant items as well as crafting certain equips and monster crystals.

Note: Any class, with the exception of beginners, can get the maker skill
Level 1:
You must be level 45 to acquire Maker Skill Level 1.
Level 2:
You must be level 75 to acquire Maker Skill Level 2.
Level 3:
You must be level 115 to acquire Maker Skill Level 3.

  1. Head over to Magatia by using @goto Magatia. If you are not VIP and your command is on cooldown, you can get to Magatia by taking the boat from Ellinia - Orbis - Ariant. Once you are in Ariant, head over to second last portal from the right side of Ariant. Go inside.
  2. Here you will find the Camel Cab which will take you to the town of Magatia.
    MAP NAME: "Outside North Entrance of Ariant (The Burning Sands)".
  3. Now that you are in Magatia, locate the Weapon & Armor Shop of Magatia. Shown below is where to find the house.
  4. Talk to NPC Moren and he will give you the first quest called "Meren's New Discovery".
    Click him again to accept these quests. You
    MUST collect all 3 quests. *Note: He will ask you for 10k meso so make sure you have some money on hand*
  5. Find Carson to complete one of Meren's quests. He can be found at "Zenumist Society - Magatia"
  6. On the second quest from NPC Moren, he asks you to find NPC Hughes the Fuse who can be found inside "Orbis Tower <B2>"
    Use @go Aquarium (this way is much faster rather than going straight to Orbis and walking all the way down).
    Keep walking left until you reach the tower.
    Go into the top portal and not the bottom. Then keep heading left through the portals.
  7. Yay! You’ve made it to the tower.
    Jump up until you’ve reached the hole in the tower.
  8. Talk to NPC Hughes to complete the quest.
  9. Once completed, head back to NPC Moren in Magatia and turn in the quest. (Refer to Step 1 on how to get back to Magatia)
11. I hope you paid somewhat of attention to the two previous NPC's that you talked to along your journey because Moren will ask you some questions. If you didn't, that's ok, I'll post the answers below for you.
1. Exchange
2. Understanding
3. Ductility of Gravity

You now are the proud owner of Maker Skill Level 1.

1. Head back to the Magatia Weapons and Armour shop, and talk to NPC Moren. Accept the two quests that he has to offer. One of which he will ask you to create an intermediate monster crystal 1. Gather up 100 etc drops from a monster level 71~80, and create your monster crystal using your Maker Skill. It is recommended to use Homunculus & Site drops, as they can be found right there in Magatia.

2. Next you need to craft the Monster Crystal. Open up the Maker skill by double-clicking or placing it onto a hot-key. (You can find the skill in your Beginner Skill Tab). By clicking the drop down menu's, choose the appropriate categories, drag and drop your ETC items into the first box. See below.
3. Head back to NPC Moren to complete the quest and then accept the next quest he has to offer.
4. Moren has dropped something on the ground. Click the book behind him. For both questions, choose Yes. Complete the quest with Moren.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have upgraded your Skill Maker to level 2.

1. Collect the Quest from Moren (Third test). He will ask you to craft 1 Gold Anvil. Refer to your Maker Skill and choose 'ETC' at the bottom of the drop down list. For this, you will need the following:
6 Gold Plates, 2 Steel Plates, 1 Lidium and the Doodly Paper you received from the last quest.
*NOTE* - Lidium ores can be found from any monster around Ariant(Town). To refine them, head over to the town of Ariant by using the Camel or @go ariant. Enter the portal that you see in the picture below. You will find the NPC Muhamad.
2. Complete the quest with Moren.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have upgraded your Skill Maker to level 3.

1. Go to Veracent and talk to Amanda in the Pig Farm. Middle portal of the map. Talk to her until you accept all quests.

2. After accepting the quest, Amanda asks you to kill 100 Dark Red Porky which are found through the portal on the left side of Veracent

3. Turn in the quest by clicking on the lightbulb above your head. Then accept all the quests labeled with '[Vampire]'

4. Next, we're going to head to Mossy Snails which are located in the Fog Forest. Veracent > right side portal.
Kill 100 Dark Mossy Snail
Collect 20 Apples and 30 Grapes
( Grapes can be found from Dark Mossy Mushroom. Top Middle Portal of Fog Forest )


Turn in the quests by clicking the lightbulb above your character.

5. Accept the next Vampire quest above your head.
Go back to Fog Forest, enter the right portal and keep going right until you hit Main hall. Once there, go through the bottom right portal into the Underground Prison. Again, follow the right portals until you reach Corruptive Underground Prison.
Samuel asks that you collect 30 Samuel Ingredients which are found at Dark Jars.
When complete, turn in the quest through the lightbulb. Accept the next quest.

6. Head back to Veracent and go 2 maps to the right. You should now be at Thick Fog Forest where you'll need to collect 30 Weird things from Dark Lycanthropes (The wolfs).
Turn in the quest above your head.

7. Sonia asks that you collect 30 Something weird from Dark Prison Guard Boar located at Ordeal Castle Wall. 1 Map to the right of the previous quest.

Turn in the quest above your head and accept the next quest. Accept the next 3 quests to continue

8. Go 1 map to the right. At this point, you should be in Suffering Castle Wall. The Statue asks you to collect 20 His Traces found from Dark Soaring Wyvern at the top of the map.

Turn in the quest and accept the next two quests.

9. Go back to Ordeal Castle Wall. 1 Map to the left. At the top right of the map you should see some Dark Gargoyles. Eliminate and collect 50 Trace of Courage.

Turn in the quests above your head. Accept the next quests to continue.

10. We need to head over to Noisy Hallway located inside of the Vampire Castle. Keep heading right until you've reached the Main Hall again. At the top of the map, there's a little mouse hole. Enter it.
Talk to the Treasure Chest 1.
Hand in the quest above your head and accept the next ones.

11. Are you still with me? Great! Hang in there, we're almost done.
Our next quests asks us to head to Bleak Hallways where we will find us some Dark Oberons. Go back through the mouse hole to the Main Hall and head right. Make sure you go through the TOP portal and not the bottom. Keep going right until you reach the map that we need.
The Treasure Chest asks us to eliminate 100 Dark Oberons.
Turn in the quest. Accept the new ones.

12. Go back to Veracent and head 2 maps to left. You should be at Farm where you'll find the Dark Dead Scarecrow. Eliminate 50 and Collect the Papers.
Again, hand in the quests and accept the new ones. (There's quite a few)

13. This is the annoying part. We need to head back into the Underground Prison and find ourselves some Dark Wolf Underlings.
Go back to Veracent, take the right portal all the way until you reach the Main hall. Jump down and enter the Underground Prison, keep heading right until you reach Contaminated Underground Prison and on the right side of the map, you'll see the wolfs that we need to eliminate. Eliminate 100 Dark Wolf Underlings.

Turn in the quest and accept the new ones.

14. Last but not least, we are almost finished. Amanda asks you to craft a Vamprish Monster Crystal.
You'll need the following:
- 10 Blue Essence Stone
- 10 Red Essence Stone
- 10 Black Essence Stone
- 10 Pink Essence Stone
- 55 Million Meso

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have upgraded your Skill Maker to Level 4!
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Thank you Pooh, I didn't actually know there were different levels to the maker skill.
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