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Oct 19, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions

What version of MapleStory is Windia running?
We are running version 84 of Global MapleStory.
Note that we have lots of changes and while core gameplay is similar to how old-school MapleStory used to be, it is not Windia's aim.

What jobs are available?
At their final advancements:
  • Explorer warriors: Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight
  • Explorer magicians: Arch Mage (Fire/Poison), Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning), Bishop
  • Explorer bowmen: Bowmaster, Marksman
  • Explorer thieves: Night Lord, Shadower
  • Explorer pirates: Buccaneer, Corsair
  • Knights of Cygnus: Soul Master, Flame Wizard, Wind Breaker, Night Walker, Striker.
  • Heroes: Aran, Evan.
  • Fully custom: Ironman.

Knight of Cygnus have a custom 4th job advancement with new skills. They can reach level 255.

Server rates
EXP is progressively increasing.
Level 1-9 (Maple Island included): 1x
Level 10-29: 20x
Level 30-49: 35x
Level 50-69: 50x
Level 70-99: 75x
Level 100-149: 90x
Level 150-250: 100x
Level 251-255: 5x, 4x, 3x, 2x, 1x
Holy Symbol only applies its full effects on EXP gain while in a party.

Quest EXP is your normal EXP gain multiplied by 3.
Meso drop formula is custom and matches GMS Reboot. Monsters drop mesos valued (Level of mob * 6) up to (Level of mob * 9). Boss monsters receive a 5x multiplier.
Drops are custom and can be accessed by using @wdf <monster name> ("what drops from") and @wd <item name> ("who drops") commands.

System requirements
Operating System
- Windows 10
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0Ghz
Memory - 4GB RAM
Graphics - Intel/ATI/AMD supporting DirectX 9.0 or above

Operating System
- Windows 7*
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.4Ghz
Memory - 1.5GB RAM
Graphics - Intel/ATI/AMD supporting DirectX 9.0 or above

* Windows 7 users need to install DirectX 9 runtime. Get it here.
Linux works on WINE.
Mac OS X works on WINE.

The game may, or may not run under virtual/sandboxed environments.

Custom features
What makes Windia unique is its amazing amount of custom features; many of them are never seen before in the private servers scene.

The client side has many modifications -

The server side also has many custom features! Rebirth Flames, VIP benefits, skill changes, universal Gachapon, Maple Legion, Crusader Codex and account-wide monster book, Item Vacuum for laid back farming, quest rewards, instant boat rides, minimal lag/ping and DDoS protection, Discord integration, increased HP gain, fast spawn rate and monster density, imported areas, revamped bosses.

VIP benefits
You can get the following benefits by purchasing VIP access through Inkwell in the Free Market Entrance.
  • Free use of @goto (normal users have a cooldown).
  • Multi-stacking items can stack to at least 1,000.
  • Using Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant will not consume the item.
  • 60% discount (mesos and NX) on VIP Teleport Rock.
  • @buffme applies Echo of Hero/Bless/Haste/Hyper Body.
  • Access to item filter (@filter).
  • A special role on our Discord server (requires linking through the @discord command).
I can't start the game, help!
Try one of the following solutions before asking for help!
  • Are you getting a popup box saying "unspecified error" when you start the game client? If so, open the windia.ini file in the game's directory and adjust the width/height of the game client to a resolution your display monitor supports. Make sure to save the file! Commonly used values are 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1920x1080 etc. The UIs are designed around the default settings and this setting exists for compatibility purposes.
  • In rare occasions, your hardware might be incompatible with our Windows compatibility fixes. See if setting Windia.exe to Windows 7 compatibility mode fixes the issue.
  • Install this package containing the latest versions of the Visual C++ Runtime Redistributables 2015/2017/2019:
  • Add the game files' directory to your antivirus' exclusions folder. We use an unpacked MapleStory client, which triggers false positives due to the original client being digitally signed by Nexon. Our files are 100% clean.
The game closes on me while playing
You might be facing the GFX bug. If your graphics become glitchy or changing maps takes a long time, you're affected by this bug. It's an issue that was only resolved in MapleStory during the Big Bang update, in version 93. Restarting your game client should fix it. Enabling CPU hacks in the windia.ini file will definitely make the bug occur less. Using the Remote Effects toggle in @settings will help avoiding this bug when bossing in parties.
If you are not affected by the GFX bug, it's likely that the Windia anticheat system kicked you from the game. If you have not used any illegal program, contact an administrator and we will help troubleshooting the issue.

How do I obtain Windia Credits?
Our credits system works in a very simplified way. You purchase a Windia Credits serial key from our e-commerce merchant (Selly).
You will automatically receive an email containing the serial key(s) within less than 10 minutes after placing your order.
To redeem the keys in-game, you simply visit the Free Market and talk to the NPC Inkwell. Inkwell will ask you for the key (demo video: and will credit your account after validating it.
Windia's Selly page can be found here:

Rebirth Flames?
No, we are not a rebirth server. You get to level 255 and you cannot go back.
Rebirth Flames are imported items from Global MapleStory's version 196 update and they act as a new method to upgrade equipment.
Powerful Rebirth Flames are dropped from mobs and bosses. Eternal Rebirth Flames are the rarest Gachapon loot and they can be obtained from bosses as well. You can use them on any upgradable-able equip, and it will gain bonus stats according to its level. Eternal Rebirth Flame is guaranteed to give a boost to all stats, while Powerful Rebirth Flame is only guaranteed to boost 1 stat, but may do more. Powerful Rebirth Flame can give tier 1-7 on each eligible stat, while Eternal Rebirth Flame rolls tier 4-10 on each stat.
Stats from flames are separate from scrolling and item leveling. They are displayed on the owner tag of the item.

I get "Windia.dll was not found" or error code 0x0F when starting the game client
Add Windia to the exclusions of your antivirus software (or disable it completely). Run the Windia Patcher again and you should be able to start the game.

Crusader Codex Stats?
Your Crusader Codex item has various stats on it. When you reach the limit (32,767), another Crusader Codex will appear on your cash pendant slot.
Where do they come from? It's time to unveil the mysteries!

Some glossary:
Unique cards are cards you've collected at least once.
Total cards are cards you've collected overall; a finished set means 5 total cards.
Sets are 5 cards of the same monster.
Legion level is your total account level, see it by using @legion in-game.

  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: Unique tier 7 cards + amount of tier 7 sets + unique tier 8 cards + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + (total amount of tier 9 cards / 2.5). After this is applied, on top of this your legion level / 10 is added as percentage. For INT, only 70% of this is added.
  • Weapon Attack: Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + (quests completed / 2.5 = capped to 100)
  • Magic Attack: (Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets) * 1.5 + (quests completed / 1.75 = capped to 150)
  • Max HP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets
  • Max MP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets + unique tier 1 cards
  • Accuracy, Weapon DEF, Magic DEF: Total amount of collected cards across all tiers
  • Speed: Amount of tier 4 sets + amount of tier 5 sets + amount of tier 6 sets + (total amount of unique cards across all tiers / 100)
  • Jump: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers / 10
  • Avoidability: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers + total amount of unique cards across all tiers
Your obtained cards are shared across all characters on your Windia account.

I cannot delete my character, it says I need a PIC
Log out of your account completely for 3 minutes. When you log back in, your PIC will be enabled again and you will be able to delete your character.

How does Maple Legion work?
Every 10 levels = 1% all stat for all your characters.
For your levels to count towards your total legion, you must be at least 2nd job or higher, or level 30 for jobs which cannot make an advancement.
Only your highest level of every class will count towards your legion, so you cannot create 10 different Bishops and have them all count towards it.
The all stat % scales with stats gained by your equipment.

What commands does the server have?
You can read the up to date commands list with @help. Newly added commands are also shown in update notes.
All commands have descriptions regarding what they do.

Damage Skins
To toggle the damage numbers off completely, enable no_damage_number in windia.ini or use @settings to toggle it off temporarily.
To disable the custom damage skins, toggle the use_damage_skin setting off.
To change the custom damage skin to a skin of your choice, play around with damage_skin. To find an ID of a damage skin, type @damageskins in game. Note that not every skin will be compatible as we use a GMS v84 game client.

How do I vote while in-game?
Use @vote.

I'm having problems with the Windia Patcher
If you're a brand new player, make sure the patcher is in an empty directory. The patcher will download the game for you there.
If you're updating the game; make sure the patcher is located inside your Windia directory - otherwise the update won't go through!
If you're getting the "Error: An exception occurred during a WebClient request." error while patching, open Task Manager and end the windia.dll process or restart your PC.

What is Ironman?
Ironman is a custom job inspired by Ironman from Old School Runescape. To create an Ironman character, create an explorer character and proceed with the dialog prompt you see as soon as you enter the game. You must be a level 1 Beginner to advance to Ironman, as well as have a total Maple Legion level of 1,000.
Similarly to Ironman in OSRS, you cannot trade with others by any means. You cannot use the Free Market's trading features, and partying is disabled. Regardless, Ironman is able to perform all party activities alone, including boss raids such as CWKPQ or Boss Rush.
Ironman can equip all kinds of equipment without job limitations.
Ironman's damage scales off of STR mainly but may benefit from other stats according to the weapon you equip.
Ironman's skills have a max level of 1 and you gain a skill point once every 20 levels.
You gain 2 levels of Maple Legion per each level of Ironman.
Ironman gains HP on level-up similarly to Warriors.
Ironman automatically obtains level 3 Maker skill, and can craft all items available on Maker regardless of the job requirement.

Note: Ironman is an actual custom job and does not override ANY skill or job in the game, unlike the attempts of other game servers to add new jobs to the game.
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