[Event Suggestion] Hide & Sit


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May 21, 2021
In-Game Name: Crunchh

Staff Alsteria requested for me to suggest a H&S Game so here it is :D .

I feel that H&S games are generally quite unfair for non-vips , so I would like to propose a confined H&S game.
However it will require a custom map or we can use the FM for the event.
https://ibb.co/428DQwF << My idea of the event map.

- There will be a 30 second timer.
- GM will hide himself/herself before the timer starts.
- During the 30sec countdown, the players have to run around and guess where the GM is and sit down on a chair.
- The player/players that sits the closest to the GM after the countdown end wins.
- Players who are standing will not be counted.

Can I also request to have special event rewards like quote rings and label rings? There's so many pretty and cute rings out there but we only have those in cash shop and the Ink-and-Wash ring .
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Oct 20, 2019
i think this can be looked into for a possible future update, though no guarantees.

we'll also look into the new ring stuff.