Elegant NX-Cosmetic Management


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May 12, 2020
In-game name: Async, AsyncBishop, AsyncIron.

Description of suggestion:

Inspired by this thread here, and having recently changed my appearance in game; I realized that in the menu used to change appearance (face, hair, etc) you have the ability to simulate the removal of armor. I wondered if you could use that mechanic backwards and put items onto the character.

The idea is for people to give an NPC like Big Headward cosmetic NX items, they would be removed from their inventory and unlocked for the account. From then on they could use the NPC to choose what cosmetic NX they would like to use based on the appearance and not an icon. When redeemed from the npc, the NX would be untradeable so people can't duplicate NX for others; and they can still take it off to smega their equipment.

[OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description):

I don't imagine this being easy to implement, but I think it's a cool idea none the less.

Please excuse my scuffed video, I'm no video editor.

Thanks for reading! ♥


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Jul 25, 2020
I like this idea! Another private server I played and MapleStory M (the mobile game) have a "mannequin" / "style diary" so you can save 4 outfits (including hair and eyes)

I would pay 10-30k credits for this to be account wide!