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May 30, 2021
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Hokus (Evan, Lv255)

All following suggestions relate to Dojo Tower (PARTY mode)

Description of suggestion (#1):

While doing dojo, I've noticed that there's no reward for achieving certain landmarks in the Dojo Tower.
In fact, and I'm sure all other players that have been doing it as well have noticed, we are kind of losing Coins each 5th Stage, and therefore each Resting Spot.
Rather than give a whole amount of coins, if not some extra coins for such achievement, each player gets awarded 3 coins, regardless on how far they've 'climbed'.
A regular Dojo Tower run, from Mano to Griffey, wields 303 coins, considering that not many players actually take their time to go beyond.
Interesting to think that for the feature of killing Leviathan, for instance, is only 3 coins, vs the 21 coins you get for killing Blue Mushmom in the same bracket, for example.

My proposal, if possible, and without wanting to be flamed for being ridiculous and eccentric, is to just award the full amount of coins per stage, including each 5th stage, so players would get the well deserved reward for such farm:
Bracket 1 - 3 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 2 - 7 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 3 - 10 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 4 - 14 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 5 - 17 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 6 - 21 coins per stage, 5 stages;
Bracket 7 - 24 coins per stage, 2 stages (This works as 'intended', since there's no resting spot at the end)

Dynamic rewards could also be considered, for a slightly higher rate of coins per run, after entering each Resting Spot, or after completing all 38 floors (32 bosses) of Dojo Tower.

Description of suggestion (#2):
Allow players to be teleported back into dojo, after clearing Mu Gong's stage, rather than ending up at the top of Dojo Tower.
This is rather annoying, for those brave enough to actually complete a full clear.

Description of suggestion (#3):
Not sure how to phrase this, but here it goes.
Similar to other MMORPGs, different players with different internet connections experience different levels of lactency.
However, for Windia's Dojo Tower it seems to be a 'phasing' issue more than anything.
I've noticed that each 1st stage, on each bracket, the Boss will spawn and be visible for all players in the group. Following each of these clears, the remaining 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th stages seem to all follow the same pattern: The 1st player to enter the stage will not be able to see the boss, until the summoning animation is completed, contrary to the other crew members.
This becomes specially annoying when players, like myself, decide to do Dojo Tower on their own, as a party of 1.
This suggestion would involve, if actually possible, to just have each boss spawned in each entered stage, regardless of how many people are entering said stage, A.k.a no summoning animations.
This shaves off about 4-5 seconds per stage, for a party of 1.

Description of suggestion (#4):
I've been told, although haven't/will not test this myself, that multi-clienting in Dojo is disabled/not allowed (completely agree with this, so don't lose your mind after reading this, yet!).
In that sense, I am to believe no player is abusing this system to obtain double the gains, with 2 distinct accounts.
My suggestion would be, if practical and without beheaded by anyone who hates it, have it so only the Party Leader can enter/use the stage portals, making the whole rest of the group instantly respawning in the next room/stage without having to move themselves (Yes, I know I'm lazy. But I have an active life).
I know this is a rather controversial suggestion, as the whole point of Dojo is to reward your efforts and input, and having people bluntly AFKing, while everyone else is doing the grind must not feel good.
On the other hand, and this is my take on the subject, it should feel no different than having leecher(s) while you are grinding in any other map, and open the possibility to some sort of a niche market -cough- S> Dojo Runs -cough-.
That said, I'd also add to this the following: Keep it so that once the Dojo run is completed, either by defeating all bosses, or by having the Party Leader exiting at any point of the run, the whole party still gets teleported to the Exit Stage, and thus still have to move themselves to be able to re-enter Dojo again. This would, hopefully, force people not to hard AFK, if this suggestion is approved.

Description of suggestion (#5):
Probably an unpopular opinion/suggestions, but nonetheless I'll leave it here.
Consider adding Dojo Difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell and ?Chaos) - yes, exactly what you're thinking, and based of some other private servers.
This suggestion is to allow, possibly, Bossing classes, that are not good at farming otherwise, so sort of relevance throughout their journey in Windia.
I understand this would mean a big rework of the current Dojo system, as these difficulties are mainly focused on having 1 or 2 high DPS/DPM class and rest being 'leechers' that would share their coins with the carrying player(s) via Redistribution (a specific % of the coins earned is given to the named player, at a most of 80% of each player's coins).
I will just leave this one here, with no high hopes of ever achieving anything with it.
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