Buff all Bowman Classes


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May 21, 2021
In-game name: Crunchh (MM) / Munchhy (WA) / Crunchie (BM)

Hello there, I want to make suggestions to improve bowman classes.

1. Increase vertical hitbox for Marksman's piercing arrow. Increasing it a few px will allow them to use piercing shot/arrow on the ground when they are solo-ing Pinkbean & enable them to farm in Tall walls / places with tall 2 lane monster (some vera maps).

Wind Archers
1. Increase Mob count for Spiralling Vortex. Wind archers are the only archer that can hit 2 lanes but they can only hit 6 mobs. Meanwhile, other Cygnus classes are able to hit at least 7 mobs.

2. Add Hero's will for all Cygnus classes. Currently, only NWs have access to Hero's Will. Therefore to ensure fairness, I suggest that Hero's Will should be added to all Cygnus classes.

1. Increase Hurricane's range so that their skill will not be interrupted as often. I understand that Bowman is already considered OP for bossing compared to the other bowman classes , but it is still lacking in damage compared to NL and strikers because their skills get interrupted and they do not have a 'healing' skill that enables them to heal up. E.g. Drain & Vampire.

I hope my suggestions can be considered in future updates. Thank you.
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