AsukaSoryu's guide to making 100+ cogs a day from Gatcha


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Jun 16, 2020

I am AsukaSoryu, and I can make more than 100+ cogs a day from doing nothing but gatcha.

I'm here to teach you how to do the same thing.

The purpose of this guide is to gather all the little things that make a person more efficient at gatcha, and collect them all together into one cohesive place. Let's jump right in.

When I say 'gatcha', I am referring to 'The Great Gigachapon' machine, located in every free market. The free market is accessible by clicking the TRADE button on the bottom right of your screen.


When I say tickets, or stacks, I am generally referring to stacks of 1000 Gatchapon Tickets, which are purchasable from other players for anywhere between 30m-60m. You can acquire large numbers of these through using an 'Owl of Minerva', which are purchased either through the cash shop for nx, or instead from 'Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant' for 5m mesos each.

Pick a character that you intend to do all of your gatchaing on, and do a few things to them. Let me remind you that this is a guide that intends to teach a person how to gatcha at maximum efficiency (and therefore achieve maximum cogs/hr), and as such, there are two requirements that are necessary for success: maximizing your inventory for 112k nx, and buying character VIP for 5000 credits (~10 cogs).

The more inventory spaces you have, the faster you roll tickets, and the more cogs/hr you make. Maximizing your Equip tab takes 56k nx, and maximizing your Use tab takes another 56k nx, for a total of 112k nx.

Maximize your Use tab first, and then maximize your Equip tab. You can always clear your Equip tab with a quick @sell, but your Use tab will always be the limiting factor on how fast you can roll tickets, so the sooner you maximize it, the better.

To get VIP, you need to buy it for credits from Inkwell in the free market. You can get credits through donating to the server, or buying an item called a Red Luck Sack (RLS) from other players. At the time of writing this guide, RLS's are worth around 20 cogs. You only need 1 of them to get character VIP.
There are many benefits to getting VIP, but the primary one that's important here is that Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant becomes infinite. You can buy a stack of 5 Miu Miu's for 2.8k nx from the cash shop, but once your character has VIP, you'll only ever need one, since it will no longer be consumed on use.

What does this mean, and what does Miu Miu do anyway?

The limiting factor on gatcha speed is the fact that your inventories, be it your Set-Up, Equip, or Use tabs, will fill up and you'll have to stop spending tickets to deal with them.

You can entirely eliminate the need to deal with the Set-Up tab through use of the gatcha filter, which I will talk about later.
You can very quickly empty the Equip tab with the @sell command.
The only thing you cannot quickly empty is the use tab, and this is where Miu Miu comes in.

I also think it's worth noting that if your Cash tab is completely full (say, of gatcha tickets...), you won't be able to roll any gatcha. Make sure you've got 2 spaces open in your Cash tab!

I'm sure you've all seen those poor souls that spend a few minutes dropping 50 different scrolls on the ground in the FM so they can roll more gatcha, only to have to stop and continue to drop scrolls again in a few moments. Once you have a VIP character with Miu Miu's, when your Use inventory is full, you can just click over to the Cash tab, double click Miu Miu, go to the Use tab, and sell them all to her instead. If you organize your inventory right, it's somewhere between 5-10x faster than dropping the scrolls (and half the clicking!). I'll get into proper inventory organization a little bit later.

Another incredible benefit for getting VIP on your gatcha main is that you will be able to make item stacks of 1000, instead of 10/100. This alone would be cause for purchasing VIP, but since Miu Miu is also included in this, VIP is MANDATORY for efficient gatcha.

The Item Filter that I'm talking about here is the filter accessible through 'The Great Gigachapon' machine, NOT the VIP item filter. The gatcha filter works only if you have an item that drops from gatcha in your inventory, and you go to the filter menu to exclude that specific item from future drops.

Practically speaking, assuming you're starting with 0/100 of your gatcha filter slots used up, this means you need to go through several cycles of unfiltered gatcha, slowly organizing and filtering away undesirable things until you fill up your 100 slots.

So, what should you filter for maximum cogs/hr?

Simply put:

Filter All Chairs.
Filter No Equipment.
Filter No Etc.

If you filter all the chairs, you will never have to deal with your Set-Up tab, since nothing will drop in it.

Filter No Equipment because a significant factor that makes gatcha so profitable is the fact that you get enough money back with the @sell command to pay for the tickets you spend! If you filter a piece of equipment, and you roll it with a ticket, the item still consumes a ticket, but simply isn't placed into your inventory. Filtering equipment is literally deleting money.

Filter No Etc because there's no point. I've rolled more than 1m+ tickets in the last 3 days, and I haven't needed to empty my etc inventory yet. Besides, those other filters are better spent on the use tab.

Here's where things get a little more complicated: What do you filter in the use tab?
This question ties directly into another one: What do I keep in the use tab?

The fewer things in the Use tab, the more tickets you can roll before you have to deal with your use tab, so the only things I keep in my use tab when I'm rolling gatcha are the things that I intend to keep and sell.

These things are:
-Onyx Apples (~2m each, or 3:1 for a Chaos Scroll 60% (cs) )
-Narican's Demon Elixer (~10m each, or 60-70 for a Chaos Scroll of Goodness (cog) ) (100cs=1cog)
-10% Dagger Scrolls (2cs each)
-10% 2h Sword Scrolls (2-3cs each)
-10% Bow Scrolls (1-2cs each)
-10% Crossbow Scrolls (2cs each)
-10% Knuckler Scrolls (4-5cs each)
-15% Knuckler Scrolls (Untradeable) (~20cs for a success on a knuckler service)
-Powerful Rebirth Flames (240-260:1 cog)
-Eternal Rebirth Flames (13-15:1 cog)
-Chaos Scroll 60%
-White Scroll (400-500:1 cog)

That is literally everything I keep. What you keep doesn't have to be what I keep. I only keep these because they sell fast and are worth a lot.

I spend the rest of my filter slots on random stuff in the use tab.

In your inventory, next to the 'x' to close the screen, is a small arrow pointing up called 'Slot Merger'. If you click that arrow, it will force everything in that particular tab to the top of the inventory screen, and then it will be replaced with something called 'Item Sort'. Click that, and it will organize your inventory in the order I have listed above. Get at least 1 of each of these as a placeholder, have nothing else in your use inventory, use Item Sort, and never touch it again, with the exception of switching your eflame stack with your pflame stack.


When you fill up your Use inventory, and use Miu Miu, the lowest thing on that screen before the trash that you sell is the eflame stack (since you can't sell Chaos Scroll 60%'s or White Scrolls to Miu Miu). I have accidentally sold my eflame stack to Miu Miu before. Don't be like me. Just switch it with your pflame stack, and save yourself the heartache.

When you're selling stuff to Miu Miu, an easy tip to speed up your selling speed is to click right below your pflame stack, hold down enter, and then spam click sell item. It will sell things much faster than alternating Enter/Clicking. HOWEVER, realize that this tip only works if you have your inventory organized correctly so that all of your $$$ items are safely stored above your pflame stack, and you can just sell the rest of the Use tab with abandon when it fills up.

So what does a gatcha cycle look like at maximum efficiency?

-Open your inventory to your cash tab and make sure Miu Miu is visible
-Prep your chatbox by going to 'To All' and sending an @sell command out
-Click the gatcha machine, and select 'Use all gatchapon tickets'
-Press Enter, Enter, Up, Enter (in order to close the gatcha machine popup and send out an @sell command)
-Repeat 'Use all gatchapon tickets' followed by @sell until your Use inventory is full. (You will know it is full because the Use tab begins to flash when it is full.)
-Click Miu Miu, navigate to right below your pflame stack, hold enter and start clicking sell all.
-Once your Use tab has only what you're keeping to sell in it, start this list over at the X.

It takes me about 40-50 seconds to do this list, and I roll about 800-1k tickets per cycle depending on gatcha drops. By doing gatcha like this, you will very quickly accumulate large numbers of the choice high price items you are keeping in your use tab, and can sell them for huge profits!

Courtesy of 'muley' in the comments down below, I did some testing on their recommendation of using the 'Npc Chat' button (bound to the Space bar, if you haven't remapped it), and when used right, it lets us gatcha EVEN FASTER!

A little tweaking to their advice, and we can use it to make a key-press combo that lets us not ever have to click while rolling your Equip/Use tabs!
You still have to click when selling your gatcha, but hey, less clicking is always better.

Anyway, the button combo is this:

Stand next to/on top of the gatcha machine so your Npc Chat targets it.
Prep an @sell command in your chat box (by sending one out, even though you're not selling anything quite yet)

Gatcha Cycle:
Space-Down-Enter-Enter-Enter-Up-Enter-Enter (x5-x7 depending on how fast your use tab fills up)
Sell Use tab with Miu Miu's

It takes a little getting used to, but once you've got the rhythm down, it's both faster and easier than before!

My way isn't for everybody. Another way to make money through gatcha is instead of rolling all of your tickets, and immediately using @sell to clear the Equip Inventory, you instead pick out the +3 or +3/+3 'Circlet of Ancient Strength' or 'Circlet of Ancient Thoughts' from the equip tab. Put them in the stash, located right above the Gatcha machine, and keep rolling.

You can either sell them or roll them yourself with Chaos Scroll 60%'s (cs) in hopes of getting high stat attribute ones, after you level them to 5/7.

(By +3 or +3/+3, I mean that their stats can roll in a range of 1-3, and that for a +3 ring, one of their stats rolled 3, and that for a +3/+3, both stats on the ring rolled a 3.)

A good ring to bring to level 7 will have more than 70+ in a single stat at level 5.
Level 7 rings with +150 in a stat sell for somewhere around 5-10 cogs (the range here is REALLY variable, don't take these prices as gospel), and if you hit +170, or +200, that's maybe 20-40 cogs.

Rings with multiple stats +190 are god tier, and should be sold for as much as possible.

Something that will help you find these rings faster is knowing that you can click on the individual rings in the chat feed, and check their stat rolls this way, without having to first dig through 96 items in your inventory to find it.

Instead of only keeping the most profitable scrolls in your inventory, keep ALL of the 10% weapon scrolls, and sell them either to people or, preferably, in a Free Market stall.

You can purchase week-long coupons for a market stall in the cash shop, and they let you sell things even when you're not online, or spamming chat with smegas.

It's certainly less profit per scroll, and fewer cogs/hr, but it also lets you gather a large amount of things that people want to buy in general. People will usually buy 10-50 of whatever they need, providing your scrolls are the cheapest on the market, and this tends to add up over time to a nice tidy sum.

Warning: Your market stall can't hold more than ~2.1 billion mesos, so if you sell 2.1b worth of stuff, you have to go to the stall itself and move all that cash to your inventory (which also can't hold more than 2.1b, so plan ahead!) before the stall can keep selling stuff. Otherwise, both the money and your now un-sellable items just sit there taunting people with sick deals and unfulfilled promises.

Starting Time: 8:49 PM
Ending Time: 12:51 PM
Starting Tickets: 81,425
Starting Mesos in Bank: 0
Starting Mesos in Inventory: 0


Break 1: ~7 minutes rest
Time Spent Rolling Tickets: 34 Minutes
Tickets Spent: 41,249

Mesos Earned: 2,012,305,934
Mesos Spent: 0


Break 2: ~25 minutes rest
Time Spent Rolling Tickets: 36 Minutes
Tickets Spent: 40,176
Extra Mesos I took from my Store: 2,026,109,195

Mesos Earned: 3,962,870,641
Mesos Spent: 4,596,005,694 (Purchased 83k Tickets at ~55,373,563 per stack of 1k)


Break 3: ~20 minutes rest
Time Spent Rolling Tickets: 40 Minutes
Tickets Spent: 41,366

Mesos Earned: 2,036,127,224
Mesos Spent: 2,220,000,000 (Purchased 37k Tickets at 60m each stack of 1k)


Break 4: ~4 minutes rest
Time Spent Rolling Tickets: 41 Minutes
Tickets Spent: 41,842

Mesos Earned: 2,009,368,822
Mesos Spent: 0


Break 5: Finished, no rest needed
Time Spent Rolling Tickets: 38 Minutes
Tickets Spent: 41,158

Mesos Earned: 1,823,479,286
Mesos Spent: 0


Final Stats
Total Time Elapsed: 4 hours, 2 minutes (242 minutes)
Total Time Rolling Tickets: 189 minutes
Total Time Resting: 53 minutes
Rolling/Resting Ratio: ~3.6
Total Tickets Rolled: 205,791
Tickets/hr: ~51,023
Total Mesos Earned from @sell: 9,831,845,973
Total Mesos Spent buying tickets: 6,816,005,694

(Total Mesos Spent Buying Tickets(6,816,005,694))/(Tickets Bought (Units of 1000)(120))=~56,800,047 Mesos per 1000 Tickets
Started with 81,425 tickets
81.425*56,800,047=4,624,943,827+6,816,005,694 = 11,440,949,521 (True Average Mesos Spent Buying Tickets)

Net Gain from @sell over 205,791 tickets bought at 56,800,047 Mesos per 1000 Tickets: -1,609,103,548/525,000,000 = ~ -3cogs

Total Profit from Drops

I'm going to take the lowest price per unit so I don't inflate the end result here.

Onyx Apples: 901*(2,000,000/525,000,000) = 3.43 cogs
Narican's Demon Elixer: 799*(10,000,000/525,000,000) = 15.22 cogs
10% Dagger Scrolls: 168*2cs/100= 3.36 cogs
10% 2h Sword Scrolls: 196*2/100cs= 3.92 cogs
10% Bow Scrolls: 186*1/100cs= 1.86 cogs
10% Crossbow Scrolls: 185*2/100cs= 3.7 cogs
10% Knuckler Scrolls: 158*4/100cs= 6.32 cogs
15% Knuckler Scrolls: 182*0.15*20/100cs= 5.46 cogs
Eternal Rebirth Flames: 384*(1/15)cog= 25.6 cogs
Powerful Rebirth Flames: 746*(1/250)cog= 2.98 cogs
Chaos Scroll 60%: 362*(1/100)cog= 3.62 cogs
White Scroll: 1177*(1/450)cog= 2.62 cogs

Expected Item Profit: 78.09 cogs
Net Meso Profit: -3 cogs
Net Profit: 75.09 cogs
Cogs/hr: 18.62

tldr: I spent 11b mesos, and I made 50b back.

Item prices will certainly change, and user preferences on how exactly to gatcha and what exactly to keep may differ from my opinion. Your choices on what to keep should change to reflect these changes in the Windia economy as well as your own preferences.

Right now gatcha stacks (of 1k tickets) are selling for anywhere between 30-60m. Assuming you have a billion or two mesos to start with, you can easily sustain your gatcha stacks through simply making the money back through @sell, or selling a few of the cogs you make through drops for mesos. Either way, even if the price per stack continues to rise, gatcha will still be incredibly profitable; it will just become more annoying to make sure you have enough gatcha to roll.

This guide exists only as an explanation on how I personally make 100+ cogs a day through nothing but super efficient gatcha.

If anyone has other tips on how to be even more efficient, please post them in the comment below.

Good Luck, and Enjoy the Game!
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May 2, 2020
very well-written guide, i personally dont gach anymore but you know your stuff for sure. thanks for sharing! C:


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Oct 20, 2019
This definitely seemed like one of those "click bait" and "too good to be true" type of guides, but after reading over it, not so much.

Nice work.
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May 21, 2020
tip for gachaing

EQUIP tab must be full

use enter>enter>up>enter>enter>npc chat>down arrow>click

little bit faster because you got to wait like half a second while your inventory get filled


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Feb 4, 2021
Hello all, is there any way to know gacha item current prices? Or it goes for fm meso price?