Aran rework


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Oct 12, 2021
Aran is an outcast job in maple, only ever used for legion atm. I think its due to the fact its a keyboard breaker and its tiring to farm with it for long hours.
In recent maples, aran receive awesome updates, using of final blow without initial normal attacks, base crit chance instead of scaling with combo....

1. Remove normal attacks from final blow, reduce the damage of final blow and lower the monsters hit to 6 as a result
2. Remove combo crit , instead give it a flat chance of crit and crit damage
3. the combo system is very wonky... u just leave it alone for a second and its gone and you gota restart< what even is this happening :(

hope shavit will read this and make it work.... there are players who wanted to play aran but its just cant be played to be a dpm class like nightlord,night walker, evans, archers... etc etc . it has very low damage potential as of current for boss as well... due to its normal attack being too weak .
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