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Oct 20, 2019
What is WindiaMS?
WindiaMS is a v83 Maplestory Private server that provides custom content different from the mainstream versions of Maplestory. Come register, play now, and receive your WindiaMS experience with a progressive exp system seen below.

Rates/EXP: Progressive
Level 1-9 (Maple Island usually): 1x
Level 10-29: 20x
Level 30-49: 35x
Level 50-69: 50x
Level 70-99: 75x
Level 100-149: 90x
Level 150-200: 100x

Holy Symbol requires a full party for the entire EXP rate bonuses it grants.

Quest Exp: 3x
Mesos: GMS Reboot formula
Drop: Custom drops featuring in-game boss content and more

Proceed to the link below and download Windia and make sure to hop into the server discord for further FAQ with staffs/players:

*Hiya, name’s Yenung. I mainly stream whenever I’m on Windia which ya’ll can find at https://www.twitch.tv/yenung for live Q&A! - https://mixer.com/yenung200
*This guide is based solely on my own/others info from playing Windia thus far so if there are any mistakes, questions, or regards feel free to DM me at Yenung#7862*
*I’ll try to keep this as up to date as time allows*
*Want to add on to this guide and help out the server? PM for access to docs*
*RLS prices are set to change and may not be the same price as intended in the guide*
*My current main igns: Messy (F/P), okay (N/L), maoi (I/L), asset (Bishop)*

General Information
Before you start or are hesitant to play Windia be sure to always VOTE! In-game @vote
Voting gives you 1vp and 5k nx credits and will give you an edge for starting out when you accumulate a certain amount! (You can vote up to 3 times a day using 3 different IP addresses). Rewards from vote point shop that are worth remembering includes trading in 1 vp for 3k nx prepaid! Which can be used to buy ssb’s (surprise style boxes) permanent nx!

Commands that’ll save your day:
@commands, @go, @wd (item name), @ranks, @vote, @sell equip(sells all but leveled equips), @codex, @legion, @whodrops, @settings, @discord (vip role on disc) @buffme @filter (vip members exclusive)

Windia Credits! Refer to the https://windia.me/credits section for further info. From my own interpretation, WindiaMS offers a credit system that enhances your gaming experience by a status known as VIP giving you quick access to a variety of benefits that’s excluded from a non-vip player. Pretty much, makes life easier for you otherwise you can always go the good ole’ grinding way and slowly gain your own momentum and buy your own RLS (Red Luck Sack - Windia’s item to mesos currency for Windia Credits) from other players.

5k Windia Credits for ONE character | VIP 37.5k Windia Credits for ACCOUNT wide VIP
Current exchange is 7 cogs for 1 RLS (refer to farming maps section)


Refer to the image/link above for a glimpse of Inkwell, and many other featured custom NPCs. The FM will provide you with what you need. Make this place your home for your addiction to the WindiaS experience!

Voting 3x (Not the best but works)
Vote normally on your IP address and main default web browser. You can do this by messaging Windia Bot and sending !vote. After that you can use any VPN to change your IP address and to also change your default web browser as well to something else like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or any other web browser.

Examples of VPNs will be used below:
Download here: https://www.tunnelbear.com/pricing, select the free version limited 500mb, another is https://windscribe.com/.


Steps 1) Vote on main ip address/browser
2) Change location on VPN and switch default web browser
3) Switch on your VPN and click on your !vote link sent by Windia Bot. You should now be secured and be able to receive your vote
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 and you’ll receive your 3rd vote in

Now you’ll get your much needed votes!

*If you still fail to vote then I’m sorry to say that I tried. Sorry*
*Note that you may use whatever VPN that’s out there…*

What job should I play? + etc.
Here in WindiaMS with its current revisions (10/1/19), choosing a character to efficiently farm is the best way to progress without difficulties. As of right now, mages are pretty much the only class that can rack in that fat income for your equipment/other needs but by all means you can play any other class as well. (Bossing section in the works…)

[Stars next to the jobs below will represent the difficulty of each job class up to 3 stars, 1 meaning difficult and 3 with ease]

Blaze Wizard *** - broken early with high dmg multipliers early game best for starting out
Bishop ** - hs, decent farming (skelegons) not recommended as starter char
F/P *** - best class when stats are off the roof big boi dmg play F/P farm RoR4 (end game farming map)
I/L * - not efficient to farm with but works. maybe in a later update will be useful farming? @tot
Dark Knight ** - not recommended for a starter class but will rake you in money if you prefer playing warrior classes

I’ll include more classes later but these are the classes I’d recommend to play starting out otherwise you can disregard the above and play at your own discretion.

Working on still...

250 Quests
Just a brief list of quests you can do to achieve that extra 100 ATT, 150 M.ATT account-wide.

Kerning square, mushroom kingdom, job quests, alcaster, nlc, magatia, kampung village, kft, neo city, sleepywood kill quests, Victoria island kill quests, nautilus strange dish 1-3,

Leveling Section + Tips
Honestly, just follow anything to level up but I’ll give a general idea of where to go. I understand that there are other training spots that are better for each corresponding level so feel free to leave suggestions.

Lv 1-10 Maple Island tutorial
Level 10-18 Captain Al Quest next to Lith harbor/NLC mayor quiz
Level 10-30 Job training/questlines/mixed golem
Level 30-58 Mushroom Kingdom Questline
Level 58-70 Magatia quests/roids/mulung straw dummy quests
Level 60-70 MP3s/GS2
Level 70-110 Neo city questline (lv 108 leech skelegon)
Level 110 and beyond (lv 115 cwk leech set prices)

Leeching Guide
Hi, if you are wondering where you can level up with ease then you’re reading the right part of the guide. Below is assuming that you’re at a considerable amount of Legion and you’re ready for the next step to progress. Make sure to farm the etc drops for the quests beforehand in stacks!

Lv 1-10 Island tutorial for designated class
Lv 10-18 Lith harbor captain ai for instant levels
Lv 18-28 Training job quests
Lv 28-30 30 Horny mushroom cap the wanderer questline
Lv 30-49 200 Spear/helms, 100 toxic tail/spores/shroom caps - mushking etc drops
Lv 50-58 Voodoo's (suggested aoe skills)
Lv 58-61 Nautilus - Strange dish 1-3 quest Tangyoon
  • 40 evil eyes, 50 curse eye, 50 cold eye
Lv 61-65 Kenny Magatia quest 80 wires, 160 plugs
Lv 65 Jester leech (@go jester)
Lv 75-86 ws leech
Lv 86-111 Monk training leech
Lv 111-250 ror4/rto4 leech

Usually people set prices for these leeches based on how many sellers/buyers there are so you’ll see in-game/discord trade section with the prices set accordingly

*Note that not many people are familiarly with selling/buying leech right now so there may be less of a crowd that will actually be buying, or even selling for the most part. Remember this, being patient rewards you with the results you want. :)*

Legion Leveling + An Optional Leveling Guide
Alright so here’s a step-by-step guide for “how to level” your legion. Legion is a pretty big thing in this server, so here’s a simple guide written by ‘Kite’ based on his own experience so far in the server.

1) Start out with a warrior first. It’s your first character so you have no legion to give you any secondary stat. Just go ahead and auto assign this character. Because you are doing auto assign, play a dawn warrior. Why you ask? The answer is simple, you won’t be playing this class as a main. Get it to level 120 and you’re finished.

2) Make the rest of your warriors now. You won’t be needing to add in any dex, so just add everything into str. Once you get the remaining (Drk, Pally, Hero, Aran) to 120 you are finished with warriors.

3) Now that you have some legion in, I would recommend any mage. The reason is because you can easily level all 4, including blaze wizard, to 150 with FMA skills while farming at skeles. You can find multiple lv 20 and 30 skill books in FM.

4) At this point, it doesn’t matter which order you go in. Everything will be relatively the same. I would recommend stopping at lv 120, and just farm on any of your other mages to level 150-200, because you have to farm to progress in this server.

Highly suggest just creating new characters and getting them to lv 110-120 rinse and repeat. Make one character your farming mule to gather up your funds; nx, ws, cs, pflames. All the nx you get now should be used on creating more character slots and if you’re in need of slots for your mule I’d also expand on your equip tab.

Good luck everyone! PM me in game if you need any help. I’ll try to reply with any questions if I’m online.

There's custom tips that will litreally save your day so here ya'll go! If there's anymore tips feel free to comment below!


*Use cs/ws/pflames as methods of payment for leech early on*
*Check out Windia’s discord in the #guides #FAQ section for other leveling guides and more!*
*Set macros names such as @buffme, @int all to your attacking mob/passive skills to make your life easier*

Item Maker Questline
The Item Maker Skill is one of your necessary skills you'll need starting out on your journey on Windia and below is a quick step-by-step guide on what you'll need. You'll be making your lv 110 items with this skill so make sure you use it well!

Self-explanatory, head to this link: https://bbb.hidden-street.net/item-maker
Use @wd name to find the materials you need and obtain Lv3 Item Maker skill in beginner’s tab. Once you have that you’re set to create/upgrade your equipment.

Using the strengthening option - this takes 1 of each crystal to make 1 basic crystal which enables you to add additional stats onto the item you wish to create. The picture below is an example of what happens when you use 1 dark crystal and 1 wisdom crystal.



/*Notes: make sure to keep all your wisdom, dex, power, dark, luk crystals/magic powder as *well (used for upgrading your item maker skill depending on class you want)
*Item Maker 1 pay mesos for item maker lv1
*1 intermediate monster crystal 1 (100 pieces of lv71-80 mob etcs - go leafre 1 map to left)
*A Monster Crystal that was formed by combining the droppings of monsters on level 71 ~ 80 item maker lv 2
*60 gold/20 steel/10 lidium/ Maker skill lv3
*Farm lidium/steel ores at scorpions ariant
*Gold ores at foggy forest ghost books mulung


  • Make sure to gather the materials that are needed for each item and remember you can always use @wd item command to assist you on your equipment crafting journey.
  • You can use both to stack it onto the Item Maker like seen in the picture on the right.
  • The basic dark crystal will work just like a chaos scroll so you’ll either lose/gain stats on that specific item (obviously it’ll lose off its base stat).
  • Adding the other crystals guarantees a stat increase but it's always better to play with RNG right? Use both pepega.

Farming maps
Hewo and welcome to the farming section of the guide! Here in Windia we have a unique system where we kill monsters and in return we obtain various drops such as cs/ws/pflames as I've previously mentioned before above overall on this guide. So this is just a quick synapse of what to expect and the farming maps we have as of right now. Farm, boss, and progress. Big plus. Welcome back to Maplestory grinding.

Farming maps will be ordered from early-end game below:

Ghost ship 2 (@go quay, walk to the ship)
Gallos (@go spooky)
Bye bye station (@go spooky, go one map to the left, instance dungeon)
  • Early game (farm pure mesos, ws, cs, pflames) good spot to farm with low dmg
Skelegons (@go skelegon)
  • Hit 300-400k lines? Perfect spot to farm while gaining exp.
CWK (@go keep)
  • Hit 650k lines? Even better than skelegons.
Ulu 2(@go ulu)
  • Hit 1.9m line? Mid game between keep and tot.
RoR4 (@go tot, save maps with rock)
  • Hit 26m lines? Near end game farming map best of both worlds.
RtO4 (road to oblivion 4)
  • Hit 44m lines? End game farming map best of both worlds.

In Windia mobs drop White Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls, and Powerful Rebirth Flames. These are the items you’ll be farming for your source of income and material to upgrade equipment.

Current exchange rate below:

White Scroll - 7-8m
Chaos Scroll - 12-15m
Chaos Scroll of Goodness - 1.2b
Pflame - 2.2m (can NPC pflames for 2m each)

ws 300:1 | 2 ML:1 | pflames 700:1 | ee's 7:1 |

*Notes: Eternal Rebirth Flames can be obtainable via boss, gach, or NPC Cody for an exchange of pflame 66:1
100 Chaos Scrolls can be traded in for 1 Chaos Scroll of Goodness
1.1b mesos for 1 Maple Leaf
Golden Maple Leaf - 1.1b
Maple Leaf used to upgrade item levels 6-7*

Crusader Codex
Windia offers monster card hunting so you can collect monster cards and level up your legion level (which are your character mules) to gain permanent stats onto your Crusader Codex and also after completion of 250 quests on ONE character you’ll gain all the incentives of the codex on the rest of your account. Pretty awesome right? You’ll have a total of 21 characters up for grabs for legion level for a whopping 5250 legion level at maxed. FREE DMG!



*Note that characters need to be UNIQUE meaning one of each job and NOT the same job*
*Don’t forget to create Beginner, noblesse, and legend chars*
*See to your right for a more detailed structure of what your Crusader Codex holds*

Respectively, just collect Tier 7, Tier 8, and Tier 9 card sets as these will increase your range and DPM. The other Tiers are just freebies you can obtain later for other needs. To obtain the Tier 9 cards go to @go bosspq.


*Note that the ATT/M.ATT formula will give you a max of 100 ATT and 150 M.ATK*

Editor note: owo finished formatting the guide to at least readable aiya if anyone has trouble, or can give suggestions on what could be added comment below thanks!
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