4th job adv explorer guide


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Oct 21, 2019
4th job adv explorer guide:

Head to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor.

Head to Leafre and speak to your 4th job instructor near Valley of the Antelope .
Take the black cab in Leafre, walk a few maps back to the Valley of the Antelope and at the top right of the map, there is a portal to the 4th job instructors.

After a series of dialogue, you're tasked with getting The Heroic Pentagon is dropped by Manon and The Heroic Star is dropped by Griffey. U CAN @GOTO GRIFFEY OR @GOTO MANON
head to the 44th floor in Eos Tower of Ludi to purchase a 75mil Secret Scroll.
If you had purchased the secret scroll, make sure to speak with the Chief to trade the scroll in for the star and pentagon
Head back to the 4th job instructor
Make sure to speak with your 4th job instructor to unlock certain skills. If they is any that was not unlocked, you will need to obtain the skill through mobs or a quest.
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Oct 20, 2019
Hey, nice guide c:
Just a little edit, the secret scrolls costs 75mil on windia, you can also use @goto priest to go straight to the 4th job instructors :)
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