250 Quest Guide


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Jan 14, 2020
Having 250 quests completed on a character should be a priority as the 100 WATK and 150 MATK ACCOUNT WIDE is incredibly useful for raising legion level.


  • This guide will not be perfect and is what I personally did to get to 250 quests. If anyone has any improvements or criticism, please post below
  • Doing this on a mage is probably best as a lot of quests require killing mobs/collecting mob loot
  • Having VIP will speed this process up A LOT as it requires a lot of travelling between towns. Consider donating for VIP and to help out the development of the server
  • When talking to a NPC, accept all their quests and there may be some you completely randomly whilst doing other things

Maple Island Quests

Job Quests

Mushroom Kingdom Questline

Quests below here will be linked to an appropriate guide/hidden street link

Neo City Questline

Kerning Square Questline

Alcaster Questline

Victoria Island


New Leaf City


Huge thank you to @Nekomaki for linking a quest guide in the discord
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