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  1. Emi

    Denied Approved my appeal thanks

    You failed to respond to our captchas while you were attacking in Ulu City. Wait out your 2 week ban.
  2. Emi

    Denied Ban appeal for Macro/Botting/Keyweighting (Bigbird2)

    You failed to answer 3 captchas within the timeframe while you were keyweighting in the corner at Bleaks. You can wait out your two week ban. Your appeal is denied.
  3. Emi

    Hey ofirash, it's just a two week ban. Please just wait it out and stop mass spamming all the...

    Hey ofirash, it's just a two week ban. Please just wait it out and stop mass spamming all the staff members about your temporary ban. Thank you.
  4. Emi

    2 Bugs - Cannot Open "You Have A New Note" and auto game crash when using Brandish

    2. Can you let us know if you're wearing any NX equips when using the skill, and if so, what items are they? (Please give names and item category: ie. Hat/Glove)
  5. Emi

    Denied Ban Appeals

    You were caught with a macro recorder running while playing Windia.
  6. Emi

    Resolved Unable to log on

    Just making sure, your Beta unicode UTF-8 is not ticked right?
  7. Emi

    Nx surprise items

    That's fine, you can trade NX items with each other
  8. Emi

    Dojo Shop

    It's already in our to-do list.
  9. Emi

    Approved Importing New Faces

    Cosmetics include faces as well.
  10. Emi


  11. Emi

    Approved Ban Appeal

    Hi, thanks for being patient with us. You've been unbanned. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  12. Emi

    Approved Ban Appeal

    Hi, thank you for being patient with us. You've been unbanned.
  13. Emi

    Approved New(s) hairstyle list

    I believe we have Aqua Hair in Headward. The other ones + face will likely be added in the new cosmetic update. I'm working on it as we speak. Thank you for being patient with us.
  14. Emi

    Didn't get vote points

    You can use your data from your phone and vote, then turn on and off airplane mode, then vote again. Rinse and repeat until you reach 5 votes.
  15. Emi

    Denied ban appael

    Hi BulletProof, The permanent ban was a consequence of botting after a prior offense. This doesn't omit the fact that you were caught keyweighting as well as account sharing. As per the ToS, if you fail to answer the LD within a given time frame despite your character being active, it...
  16. Emi

    What is the best way to advance in levels

    Do your 250 quests first. Either on Evan or Knights of Cygnus (KoC) Blaze Wizard Get KOCs to 120 Warriors next probably Would recommend getting Mages or Ironman to 120 last Easiest way to get to 120 in the early legion levels is to go do Mushroom Kingdom quest, then Ghost Ship (@go gs) then...
  17. Emi

    Suggestion for Eyes/Face

    A lot of new eyes and hairs among other cosmetic items will be added in our upcoming cosmetic update. :)
  18. Emi

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hi again 0reo, Your previous appeal was denied. Not sure why you'd try your luck at re-appealing again when we clearly said we don't believe that you accidentally injected a file into Windia. Just because you're "new", it does not excuse you for breaking the rules, otherwise everyone and their...
  19. Emi

    Approved appeal

    Hi Striku, I have unbanned you and tvn2. However, please keep in mind that if you are indeed caught account sharing once again (meaning someone besides yourself logs into your own account, or you log into theirs), both accounts will be banned. Please familiarize yourself with the rules here...
  20. Emi

    Denied Appeals please

    We've already tried speaking to you the first time that you tried to ban evade. Then you continued to make more accounts despite being banned for using cheats. Would've reckoned you would have some sort of wisdom to read the ToS once you've been banned. But here we are. Ban appeal denied.