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  1. Async

    Windia Feedback Megathread

    I'm gonna necro this thread cause I just wanna rapid fire some ideas that came to me during a boss event today. Command to let GMs to disable item vac for the room. - Because: People left VAC on and yoinked the loot. Command to let GMs to auto revive people in the room. - Because: Wolf had to...
  2. Async

    Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.

    I would hardly call 25b dpm on top of utility a mule; and Vera farming as a mage is viable- hence why people do it. It would take 21954 magic for an F/P to be able to 1 shot at ROR4. If they leveled every single class to 200, they would have a legion of 4600, giving them +460% more int. If...
  3. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    ----- I'll start off my reply by quoting my reply to another user, as it appears that it needs to be reinforced. ----- That appeals to the extreme using the wrong correlation. You correlate a new player attempting to obtain mastery books with a player intentionally limiting themselves via...
  4. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    At this point in the sever, should you not have an alternative? Does the benefit of the mastery book grind being the only way outweigh the benefits of new players voting to max out the skills of a character they enjoy- a player that may not have voted otherwise? Does the time sync inconvenience...
  5. Async

    Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.

    I have two points to make against this. "Aside from the usualy mages" acknowledges that mage is the normal. People either through intuition or word of mouth understand that at TOT, mages' full map attacks is the superior option to use in that situation. "Not sure if its efficient," well in there...
  6. Async

    Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.

    While I can understand being frustrated with the lack of things to do as an old player, I don't draw that as a very strong correlation to new player retention- seeing as new players are FAR away from Vera. RTO and ULU are massively different. ULU actually does have a dense mob spawn, but also...
  7. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    Mate, I play the game- you don't have to explain it to me. It's a video game, inefficiency isn't wrong. Insinuating to new players that they MUST farm legion or they are "playing wrong" will tank new player retention. Leveling a ton of characters up in a short time span can be very boring...
  8. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    Let's use Genesis 20 as an example. As you know, Oblivion Guardians and Zakum both have significantly more health then normal. These are significantly out of reach for a new player who is making a bishop for skelegons or ulu. Even if they could kill zakum using the entire time, and could...
  9. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    The new player experience already includes doing 250 quests, filling the codex, working on legion, and job advancing, etc. Very often bosses are the best way to obtain a mastery book, but there are a limited amount of them. There are times when I need to kill Pianus for a mastery book or skill...
  10. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    Phrasing it like makes it seem like the outcome of the command is limited to GMs, when the reality is that the outcome of the command can be achieved via normal game play- getting the mastery books. I don't think the way that mastery books are were traditionally implemented meshes well with the...
  11. Async

    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    In-game name: Async*, AsyncBishop, AsyncIce, AsyncIron, etc. Description of suggestion: Add an option inside of the Credit shop to unlock a @max command that maxes all abilities on a character, without need of any mastery books. Add an option inside of the Vote Points shop to max all abilities...
  12. Async

    Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.

    In-game name: Async*, AsyncBishop, AsyncIce, AsyncIron, etc. Description of suggestion: Increase the mob density of Temple of Time to be comparable to Vera. [OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description): Hopeful outcomes of this change: Mage will...
  13. Async

    Let's play a drawing game!

    I'm not a good artist, but I find it fun. I thought it'd be fun to make a game out of it. :) You draw the image the person above you linked, and then you link an image for the next person to draw! Starting photo:
  14. Async

    Resolved AnalPapi - Vulgar Spanish insults in smega.

    Username of player being reported: AnalPapi Reason: Vulgar Spanish insults @ Shavit in smega. Rules you think they are breaking: Definitely: "All communications on forums, Discord, and in-game Megaphones must be in English. Players are allowed to use any language in other forms of...
  15. Async

    Elegant NX-Cosmetic Management

    In-game name: Async, AsyncBishop, AsyncIron. Description of suggestion: Inspired by this thread here, and having recently changed my appearance in game; I realized that in the menu used to change appearance (face, hair, etc) you have the ability to simulate the removal of armor. I wondered if...
  16. Async

    WONTFIX Codex 250 Quest Buff, lost upon character deletion.

    I had to remake a character (Reasoning in another bug report here) and I realized afterwards that I had lost my 250 quests completed buff on my codex. I ended up re-completing the quests on another character, but I wouldn't wish this problem on anyone else.
  17. Async

    Significant lack of SP and super late job advancement.

    I had leveled a Crusader to level 250 before doing the 4th job advancement to Hero. After advancing, I realized I had a fairly large shortage of SP. That character didn't have enough points to max out his 4th job skills, so I had to re-create the character.
  18. Async

    Ironman Skill Changes

    In-game name: AsyncIron, AsyncBishop, Async. Description of suggestion: I love the Ironman class, and I've been progressing towards killing Pink Bean. I have quite a few suggestions here, and I accompany them with my justification. Add Hero's Skill Power Crash to Ironman: One of the major...
  19. Async

    Resolved Forum: Inability to change avatar.

    When attempting to upload the picture below. I get this error on the site. And I get these in console: - Error 404 on a javascript file. (Assuming unrelated) - Error 500 on the POST.
  20. Async

    More intuitive @go command interface.

    In-game name: AsyncBlaze Description of suggestion: Revamp of the @go command to categorize and add relevant descriptions. I forget what is where and what is what when it comes to the maps. I reference the @go command quite often. I propose that it be revamped to be more intuitive for...