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  1. Christabel

    Bishop passive drop rate

    In-game name: Zurei Description of suggestion: As with the introduction of link skills for personal use.. bishop feels abit left out as its own hs requires level 255 to have the 10% drop buff. I feel the level required to unlock drop buff should be reduced to 210-230 or so. at least to make...
  2. Christabel

    Denied Make link hs useable in boss

    Can we have link HS usable in boss. Its way too hard and rare to find any bishop to bring to boss at this rate. losing out on xp given from hs . only hs can be use in boss thats it no others.
  3. Christabel

    Resolved Aran 3rd job full swing bug

    As title suggest, aran 3rd job skill FULL SWING deals no damage despite numbers showing up.
  4. Christabel

    Aran rework

    Aran is an outcast job in maple, only ever used for legion atm. I think its due to the fact its a keyboard breaker and its tiring to farm with it for long hours. In recent maples, aran receive awesome updates, using of final blow without initial normal attacks, base crit chance instead of...