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  1. Nekomaki

    Lucky Spots

    IGN: GMNekomaki Channel: 2 Map Name: GM Map Where to stand/sit: Next to KIN
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    Ironman Credits

  3. Nekomaki

    Ironman Ring

    This can be looked into, but we've got some changes in the pipeline and on Tespia to help push that Kerberos gap for Ironman.
  4. Nekomaki

    Ban Appeal

  5. Nekomaki

    Ban Appeal

    Please specifically list the account names, otherwise it'll just be the one listed in the appeal that'll be unbanned.
  6. Nekomaki

    Ban Appeal

  7. Nekomaki

    Ironman Credits

    In a sense, Ironman was supposed to be our "Reboot" style character, so I agree with the idea that Ironman should have their own premium currency (not necessarily called credits, etc.). I also agree that there should be more LB potential. I'll take a look into those and see if they can't be...
  8. Nekomaki

    Ban Appeal

    Account was banned for attempted RMT.
  9. Nekomaki

    IMPORTANT Discord Server Disappearance

    Hello everybody, It seems like Nexon and Discord have gone on a bit of a hunt to take down a majority of the private server Discord servers. For now, we will not be creating a new server at the moment and will be using the forums. We will attempt to keep everybody updated. Thank you.
  10. Nekomaki

    IMPORTANT Windia Feedback Megathread

    Hello fellow Windians, First of all, we'd like to thank everybody for sticking with us and helping us make the v84 update a much bigger success than we'd ever thought it would be. With this update came new maps, new bosses, a new class, and so much more. We've heard a lot of feedback regarding...
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  12. Nekomaki

    Update Welcome to the New Interns

    Hello Windia, Please welcome our two new Interns: @Eludus - INTEludus @boyoh - INTboyoh @Jupiter has also been promoted, but they will be moved back to the position of Game Master due to them being staff here previously. Their in-game name will be GMJupiter. I will be contacting the other...
  13. Nekomaki

    Are the forums up?

    If you're seeing this message, yes, it is.
  14. Nekomaki

    Event Ideas?

    Just wondering. Other than jump quests and hide and seek, would there be any other types of events you guys would like to see?
  15. Nekomaki

    Update Suggestion/Ban Appeal Template Update

    Hello Windia, We've updated our templates for suggestion posts and ban appeal posts. Please refer to the new formats when making new threads in those sections. Suggestions template: Ban Appeal template...
  16. Nekomaki

    IMPORTANT Suggestion Thread Format

    To avoid posts that extremely low effort and generic, please follow this format when posting suggestions. If you do not follow this format, your suggestion will be ignored or automatically denied. Please be detailed with your suggestions. Any suggestion we deem that is low effort (but could be...
  17. Nekomaki

    IMPORTANT What Windia Staff Do

    A lot of people seem to be very misguided as to what staff do here on Windia, so I'd like to make this post to clear up any possible misconceptions. Event Managers As the name states, they are the people who manage and coordinate events within and outside Windia. They have the authority to host...
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    has a big gay @Seohee
  19. Nekomaki

    IMPORTANT rls stuff

    give me some ideas for rls. general ideas please, and preferrably nothing pertaining stats, or the gain of stats through rls/real money. current ideas (confirmed to be added): -chair gach (new chairs eventually, just not now) some thoughts floating around: -something to do with nx? idk yet...