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  1. hzmsh

    Buy or Make Your Perfect Circle of Ancient Ring

    My friend giao decided to craft his perfect circle of ancient ring for his wind archer. After more than thirty cute coggies died in the process of crafting, he indeed created his own perfect rings ( one with 170+ dex pre EEs and another with duo 140 str and dex pre EEs). Therefore, I would like...
  2. hzmsh

    How to cycle your cog to get free money(for early gamer)

    This is my first time tries to write something in Wndia forum, if there is any suggestion, please leave a message : ). This guide is aiming for discussing the unequal monetary value on valuable consumables inside the game and how to use it to gain some free money, based on my experience...
  3. hzmsh

    Resolved No Email Feedback After Purchasing Credit

    Hi, I have just paid 5$ with my PayPal but did not get any feedback email contains the key. My Paypal email is [redacted] Would you mind help me out : ( I have actually find the email in my Spam.. Thanks for the help!