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    Ironman Credits

    I’ve noticed the extra topic being opened yes my bad. Waiting for the said changes :)
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    Ironman Credits

    So we’ve been talking a lot with a couple intensive Ironman players unsure if nx drains and faces ticks are any option to be used for Ironman exclusive items or gears. Any Ironman exclusive rings to be able to be made or earned?
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    Ironman Credits

    Will dojo points obtained be tweaked, making us join the party mode? Or gain coins a bit faster for getting abso medal ( or reroll), making maker skill more useful for Ironman surely a + Ironman exclusive items/gears or even visuals. Power has been talked about a lot as they need a buff to...
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    Resolved Discord is gone

    As i have heard all private server discord channels just got banned. I was in 10+ pserver discords all of them are gone as we speak.