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    Innocence Scroll 100%

    Yeah using about 6k ws or more for a single pass on a sbr or any equipment its just overwhelming and frustrating Maybe adding a pity system like +3% success rate after every fail or something like that may help to not end up in the infinite loop of 80% fail rate.
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    Event Windia Costume Event!

    Discord Name: Gawr#8745 Character (In-game) Name: GawrGura Costume Theme: Gawr Gura Hololive
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    a. !

    a. !
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    R> Ghibli - Relaxing and Friendly Guild

    Join us to write our own story We looking for anyone who wants to learn, progress and have a good time together. Any legion, level or experience doesn't matter you just need to be somehow active Play for fun for a good mushroom experience, Join Ghibli ! Don't play alone anymore To join -...