Windia services have been terminated.

In regards to refunds for purchased Windia Credits:
We have stated the following in our Terms of Service:

However, this was completely abrupt so we've decided to make an exception:
If you have purchased credits using the Selly/Stripe gateway since November 1st (01/11/2022), send us an email to the email address mentioned below with transaction IDs from the receipt you received by email while making the purchase, and we will refund you.
You will receive a reply once we process the refund on our end.
Purchases made with cryptocurrencies cannot be refunded due to the protocol's nature.

For any further questions or inquiries, our email inbox (admin [at] windia [dot] me) will stay active until the foreseeable future.
Feel free to contact us by mail for any concern, including requesting refunds for purchases out of the timeframe I mentioned in the post if you're interested.

Thanks for staying with us since the closed beta back in August 2019, or since the relaunch in April 2022.

Good luck with your future gaming endeavors and we hope you find peace elsewhere.

Best regards, Windia.