Approved WindWalk again!


The changes made in WIndWalk were very good, the fact that I didn't have to snort at each atack gave me a 1b increase in DPM because of my latency
Using Potion's on the effect of WIndWalk is also a satisfying enhancement
The changes were great, but they didn't solve all the problems with the skill.
there is a terrible problem with that, the fact that you have to refill every 20sec brought big problems to the farm in vera, this causes a big delay and would will reduce the farm of the vast majority.
I believe that some more changes will be made quickly
I would like the WB community to comment if they are having the same problem so that we can resolve the problem with the skill once and for all.
WindWalk problems again!
I really like the changes, for the boss encounter they were great
But it completely ruined the farm
Changes must be made