neither accepted nor denied ToS Display for newcomers

In-game name: UNEEDHEALING

Description of suggestion:
I think we should have a one time display of the ToS explicitly saying that the use of keyweight is not allowed because there has been several players not knowing KW is not allowed and was banned. I think for newcomers who log in for the first time should receive this display because I know not a lot of players actually come to the forum and read the ToS. This also stops people from using the "I didn't know" excuse to appeal.


Good idea (but gonna one-up this), why not also do the same thing in-game? When people make their characters, have a prompt similar to ironman that states continuing to progress in the server automatically means you agree with the ToS.

Wham, Bam.


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Offering my opinion but make them maybe check it when they sign up so they have to actually agree to it? Prevents situations where "I did not know the rules because I did not know where they were" bullshit.

Edit: oh i'm retarded it exists on the page but maybe just add a check box along with this change.
Do you guys know the display where it asked your gender when you first sign in? Maybe we can replace the gender selection question with the ToS agreement.


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I hope people understand that this is a rhetorical question.


feature exists