Star Protector Scrolls

In-game name: PureRuby/timtam

Description of suggestion:
There should be an additional method for players to acquire star protector scrolls. As I type this, RLS prices are going way out of control, sometimes even higher than 25 cogs each. I believe that players who are only able to login a couple hours each day and play the game should be presented a means to get SP scrolls, instead of having to camp a long time in front of the PC only to wait for someone to broadcast that they are selling, and even then, it's a fierce competition on who has the quickest reflexes and fastest fingers, which really shouldn't be the way.

Right now, there's a huge percentage of players who have already reached windia 'endgame', and have access to run kerb and get tyrant drops or buy them. Because EES is so overpowered when you use it on tyrants, everyone undoubtedly will want to get SP scrolls to further upgrade their gear, to shave 20 seconds off their next kerb run. Yes, we now have largely cheaper SP scrolls, but what's the use of that if everyone is scrambling to get that 15 RLS others are selling in one day? Not everyone can afford to just be in front of windia client 16 hours a day. Yes, we can also vote to get SP scrolls but everyone knows gtop is bugged as hell and not everyone is able to vote 3x a day, and many just don't even bother trying anymore (slightly unrelated but votebots are just profitting like crazy now by selling SFP service)

It really doesn't matter too much how, there just needs to be a way ingame to get SP scrolls without buying it (RLS) from other players. Make it limited, whatever, it's all good. There are some nice suggestions in snake's previous thread about this. I like the idea of dragging freuds into this somehow, to encourage players to do chaos bosses and cwkpq, but anything goes. Thanks for considering and have a nice day


Head of Staff
i wish gtop was more consistent >:L

we'll try looking into some methods but don't get your hopes up yet.