Approved Shadower improvements -bstep and assassinate

Hi guys,

its your least favorite annoying person.

In-game name: troii

Description of suggestion: increasing the range on boomerang step (attack range).

Currently, i can not think of any map or spot where you could possibly utilize the maximum 12 mobs attacked with boomerang step with the current range. (estimated distance)

|(12 mob) BSTEP RANGE |

|_______________(10 mob)CURRENT PIERCING ARROW RANGE____________|

I think the range should be increased dramatically to utilize the 12 mob count and possibly a slight increase in total overall damage over more damage lines. (example: if its currently 4 lines at 500%, make it 8 lines at 275%?)

This would provide thieves with a better solution for farming as it has become abundantly clear that shade splitter and avenger are either too hard to rework or will not be reworked. The attack speed also seems very slow on boomerang step - so that could use some work if it could be spammed as if i'm not mistaken there is an odd delay in which you have enough time to get another skill off.

If the weird avenger at the end of assassinate were to be removed as well, this would greatly improve the function of shadowers.

I dont want to make it overly long but to make it very simple:

1) b step range is far too short to hit 12 mobs.(range and damage increase needed)
2) damage is still subpar regardless of what damage %s show (does not account for striker crit, warrior combo, beserk, etc)
3) Assassinate- avenger thing at the end makes it annoying to work with, reduces damage output on assassinate.
4)b step appears to have an issue being spammed as there is a weird delay
5) making a viable option for farming with thieves. (viable meaning on par with other classes)

[OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description):
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I am completely clueless of what you are talking about. I farm with shadower with a good cs rate at Vera all the time.
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What is your dpm, what mobs, and what do you define as good?
hes being sarcastic. to emphasize the fact that boomerang step is a complete joke.

its a skill able to hit 12 mobs but there is almost no naturally occurring (non-player-made) instance in which you can hit 12 mobs with a range as short at that.

If the point was to make meme skills, i don't see why they didnt just make fmas just have the same range as like shining ray. why not just make every farming skill have the range of say brandish? whoever did it really dropped the ball on this one. HARD.

I can not see any logical reasoning on why this should not be changed, outside of "this is work". CLEARLY this was a bad joke. Its a very reasonable request if you ask me or practically any player.

Meanwhile, players are leaving left and right. maybe that is the intention here- to replace all old players and revamp the whole server. Who knows. - all just possibilities.

Regardless of the fact of the reasoning, this is a clear example of negligence and a refusal to fix. Notice, how this isnt taken seriously when there are serious points brought up here.