Resolved Server Rollback

Hey Shavit and Team, would it be possible to recover the lost items from farming? I had just ended my 2hrs item vac when the glitch occurred (with smegas raising the issues from others and my farming map being frozen with logged-out characters still present), and logged out upon Shavit's notification of an impending server restart.

I have included the following breakdown as I happened to take stock of my inventory and converted my PFlames and mesos into EES on Miumiu at the end of the farming run, before the server restart occurred.

IGN: Lazarus

CS/COG Losses: 842 CS

Inventory before Restart = 1300 CS​
Balance upon Restart = 458 CS​
Loss in Inventory = 842 CS

WS Losses: 900 WS
Inventory before Restart = 1300 WS​
Balance upon Restart = 400 WS​
Loss in Inventory = 900 WS​

PFlames/EES Losses: 2,085,000,000 mesos OR 11.9 EES
Inventory before Restart = 15 EES (175m ea), 0 PFlames​
Balance upon Restart = 0 EES, 270 PFlames (2m ea)​
Loss in Inventory = 2,085,000,000 mesos = 11.9 EES

Gachapon Tickets: 2,952 Tickets
Inventory before Restart = 3800 tickets​
Balance upon Restart = 848 tickets​
Loss in Inventory = 2,952 tickets

For your help please, thanks!