Resolved Rollback

Hey, I transferred a bunch of my items to an alt account to leech myself for legion.

I messaged Shavit about it on discord but figured writing a post on forum wouldn't hurt too. I don't have any screenshots of the items unfortunately and I'm hoping someone could backtrack them and see?

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this :)

The igns that I transferred items from was Oathkeeper and Aitair


Do you remember what items you transferred? I don't need stats, just item names and the method you used to transfer the items.
Hey Shavit,

Yes I do. It was a CHTP, Timeless Earrings, 2 Ancient Rings of Strength, Silver blossom ring, and spec goggles. I transferred the items by trading it over from Oathkeeper to Aitair (with /trade Aitiar or /trade Oathkeper).