Approved Reword on WindWalk


I come to suggest some changes in the WindWalk of the WindBreaker

- Remove bonus damage from WindWalk
- Increase the damage of the main skills of the WindBreaker to maintain the class balance

WindWalk is a bureaucratic skill and brings many problems to the class, you cannot use Allcure or HP / MP potions when you are inside WindWalk and this makes you waste a lot of time
This week I discovered that in the Kerberos phase we WBs get stuck inside the WindWalk (for some reason I have no idea) every 10sec my character stops attacking, this is frustrating and makes me lose a lot of DPM.

Taking WindWalk hostage so that having decent damage is very annoying, WindWalk is my only bad time on Windia

Please analyze these changes, this will not bring any advantage over other classes, it will only make WB more cool.
I've already PM'd shavit about this problem and he said he was looking into it.

As for removing the use of windwalk entirely, I'm kind of against it. Wind Archers already overshadow other archer classes and this helps to reduce their actual dpm uptime. If we want to remove the need for windwalk, we'd have to see other archer class buffs first. It does bring an advantage because it increases REALISTIC dpm uptime.

I do agree that bricking in Kerberos is something that should be addressed, and if a reasonable fix can't be found, maybe we do look towards removing the use of Windwalk, but for now, I'm against it.


Perhaps the best solution would be to allow the use of potions when the WindWalk skill is active.
I must agree that getting stuck in this skill is tiring!
I agree,
as you said WindWalk is a bureaucratic skill, you find yourself stuck in it many times when there are no monsters around, and with that and forced to click on the buff so you can leave, this is boring!
I also think that changes in this skill are necessary, and your tips work well for me.


Windwalk itself gives unfair advantages to people with better ping due to location. Personally feel that it should be removed to encourage a fairer playground.

As long as you have single/double digit ping, all of your Vortex Shots will have Windwalk-ed effect (This is huge as it is a 25% final damage modifier)

Comparatively, for people in Asia region or in 3 digit pings like 100 ~ 200, average 5 Vortex you shoot, you get 2 of it without the Windwalk effect applied due to Ping time to for Windwalk buff effect to activate.

For those not sure of what I'm saying, this is a similar problem to revamped Dawn Warrior Sun/Moon mode unable to change smoothly