Invalid resource again


Name of banned character(s): roludo

Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the previous thread: No

Did you deserve the ban? (Yes/No): No

If yes, which rules did you break?: No

Were you using a third party/external program while playing the game?: No

If yes, which ones?:

Why should we give you another chance?:

I had my account banned, but I wasn't playing because my computer was broken, so when I tried to recover, I got sick, I was COVID, and now I'm here to try to recover my account, which until today I didn't understand the ban.

I would like to play again, I like the server and I don't want to migrate to another one, I already had my account set up, I don't need a cheat or anything, help there please

Do you agree that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently banned afterwards with little to no chance of appeal?: Yes