Approved Re-appeal


Name of banned character(s): iveyne00/hsmule00/semule00/moneyboi

Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the previous thread:
Did you deserve the ban? (Yes/No): yes
If yes, which rules did you break?: ip sharing with someone who got banned for botting /keyweighting.
Were you using a third party/external program while playing the game?: No

If yes, which ones?:

Why should we give you another chance?: i have been playing windia since april for about 10-15 hours a day. and i got hooked to it almost in an instant. i've know a lot of players, gained a lot of friends thru it. it helped me a lot specially thru this pandemic/ lock down. i know i got banned on my first week playing it. it was the time when i was checking a lot of games and didn't even go through reading every TOS/rules of every game i tried. so i tried to appeal for a 2nd chance and it was granted. since then i have played fairly with great importance and have grind my way up to the game. but as every MMORPG you would reach a level when you kill the final boss on a daily basis and farm at max rate. i had that. to be honest i had nothing more to do but to wait for the update. but i still kept playing cause i've grown to love the game more because with the resources i had i get to help new players, my guildies on bossing, quest, or some items they need. i had more than enough and as ive said before i wouldn't risk a few loots if it would cost me my account. you can check my story thru anyone who have known me even the ones who hated me in game or the chat logs made thru my account/character iveyne00. before i was letting my cousin play with account to farm/boss hunt or just give it a make over. but around mid july i've agreed to just give him one of my account and funded it so he wont have a hard start in game. i've told him a million times before never key weight,macro or do/use anything that would get him in trouble cause i know if he got reported. my accounts who shared the same ip would also be penalize as well. then the incident happened. and as i said on my last appeal i was inside kerb when that happened and as i remember we were talking about fathers that time. i have not benefit or gained thru what was farmed on the iouie account. all i did was to try to get my cousin hooked to windia and it cost me this. so i am appealing to you guys to please give my account this last chance i have worked for it night and day and dont want to lose it like this. i am willing to compromise on your terms for me to keep my account that was banned.

Do you agree that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently banned afterwards with little to no chance of appeal?: yes


Head of Staff
Sorry for taking so long. A case like this isn't necessarily easy to come to a conclusion to.

We'll unban YOUR accounts, not your cousin's account(s) on the condition that you no longer share any of your accounts, current and future ones, and do not use anyone else's accounts. This includes accounts of people who "gave" their account(s) to you, or anything of the sort.
You may only use the ones stated in your appeal.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your accounts to be unbanned.



hsmule00 and semule00 doesn't exists so i assume its only a single 0.

Accounts with ign:


has been unbanned. Please cherish this chance :)