Permanent Vac on account


In-game name: JustALINK

Description of suggestion: Permanent Vac on ur whole account for 100k credits. It may sound crazy and it probably is but think about it. 100k cred is worth 5 months of 1 month vacs. Most people who play this server dont even play for 5 months until they quit. Then we have people like me who have been sticking to this server for a good amount of time but who have really random schedules. Which makes it quite wasteful to buy a 30 day vac and only having the time to play Windia for let's say 5 days during that month. Ofc the other vac-options should remain, but I think this suggestion could be quite useful for people like me.


Sup Justalink?

I do think 100k is a bit too much, combined with other things you "need" (VIP, @sok) to buy, but do like the idea.


Although I 100% would like this because I've played forever and hate buying a 30day vacc since I only end up getting on to farm a couple times letting it go to waste. As much as I wish I could have a perm vacc it makes no sense to sell one. If you can only get on five days a month you should probably just vote and use the 2hr ones or the 10hr ones. 30votes x2 is 60VP, that's 10; 10hr vaccs a month. BUT if they are feelin some type of way and this is a possibility it would be super cool to be able to not thing about buying a vacc and wasting it. I'd buy one =]