Night Lord Skill Taunt


Whenever i cast the skill Taunt from Night Lord. My maple client crashed.

I have checked the error from the CLi, it says stack overflow.

0114:fixme:secur32:schannel_get_cipher_algid unknown algorithm 23
0114:fixme:secur32:schannel_get_mac_algid unknown algorithm 200, cipher 23
00c8:err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 208 bytes in thread 00c8 eip 7b452d71 esp 00221260 stack 0x220000-0x221000-0x320000

OS: Manjaro Linux (wine)
IGN: bach

Note: If you need a showcase how does the issue looks like, you can discord whisper me woshiyaohui#8772. I have recorded down the issue as a gif form. Due to contain login information, i will not share in public.


I know that the Spring Fairy Fur Hat will crash you whenever you use Taunt. This could be what is causing you to crash if you are wearing it, or it could be some other NX item that you're wearing. You should take your NX off one-by-one and see if any are causing you to crash.