Resolved Missing Items


Hello , after the server restarted today when I logged back in , my scrolled Timeless Lubav 77attack Glove went missing. It was in my shop when I logged out.
The last I saw it was before the server restarted today at approx. 910/915am server time.

My Chac Ign: is Zesiro

Please assist.


Head of my body
Thanks for the reminder, but due the busy schedule of shavit, there is curerntly no follow up yet. But she will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for the patience for the time being 🙏


I'm sorry for taking a while and for this issue to exist overall. I will attempt to recover the items from a backup of the server and I will contact you in-game.

Edit: I have recreated a similar item. I've tried reaching you in-game but you don't seem to be online.