Approved Keep Free Market Clean!


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Description of suggestion:
Disable drops in the Free Market and add a store.

[OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description):
The Free Market tends to be littered with items from people doing gacha, or emptying their inventory of trash. To combat this, I would like to propose that drops to be disabled in the Free Market and instead have a traditional shop in the Free Market people can sell their trash to.


I don't drop things when I do gacha- as I use the miu miu merchant item to sell things. It's not only faster, but WAY less strenuous on the arm/wrist on long sessions. People don't like change sure, but having the FM littered doesn't look good to new players; some who even up picking up the items thinking they are worth something. Plus they would be able to get money from the items that they would usually throw away for inventory space.
How would you account for the random nx equips that you get from gach that you can't miumiu though?

Edit: In addition, new players might enjoy anything they find off the floor, as they might be of *some* use to them. I don't really think this is a pressing issue to be honest.