Ironman suggestions


In-game name: formuoli

Description of suggestion:

I've been playing a lot of ironman after the update and it feels great, limit breaks are a great addition. Though, I've had issues with a few things.

Add something to make kerb possible:
Right now there is no way (that I know of) to get enough damage to down kerb. We need to do 3.5 trillion damage in 30 minutes, so about 120b DPM with no interruptions. Right now I have 54b DPM with most of the best gear I can get (only missing loveless spear). My idea would be either to increase kerb time for ironman to at least 1 hour, or add some limit break requiring a primal essence or a loveless equip (though it would have to be very strong).

Let ironman solo dojo party mode:
From what I've seen, a good party in dojo can get about 6k tokens per hour, while solo mode gave me around 2.5k. This would ease the grind a fair bit, especially if you want to go for a remedal.

Make slash blast be affected by mastery:
It feels weird having this be the only skill not affected by mastery. Farming with it feels really inconsistent to the point where brandish is better to use most of the time unless you're farming pre-veracent where you need the extra range from slash blast.