Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.


In-game name: Async*, AsyncBishop, AsyncIce, AsyncIron, etc.

Description of suggestion:

Increase the mob density of Temple of Time to be comparable to Vera.

[OPTIONAL] Any visualizations of the concept (e.g. drawings, videos, more description):

Hopeful outcomes of this change:

Mage will no longer be the dominant class:

Mage has been the dominant class at TOT for a while now. Due to the low mob density, the kills per minute really depends on the range of the classes mobbing abilities- this has left mages as the DOMINANT meta choice.

Player retention will be higher:

People want to play on the classes they enjoy. Due to no other class being close to as efficient as mages, people feel forced to play mages so they can eventually fund the class they actually want to be playing. I feel that players wouldn't feel so burnt out from grinding if they were playing a class that they actually enjoyed.

Act as a catch up mechanic (which also helps with player retention):
Because players won't feel obligated to fund a mage before finally funding a main for Vera, they can focus on funding 1 singular character all the way to Vera. This is great, because it will help players catch up. Modern MMOs have figured out that catch up mechanics are healthy for the game. Players come for the gameplay, but the ones who stay tend to be the ones who are social. They stay for the community. New players tend not to be social due to feeling so alienated from the rest of the community that has hit mid-game already.

Help market diversity:

Due to the fact that other classes aren't used for farming pre-vera, any non-mage gear that isn't "vera ready" is usually just trashed or inno'd cause there is no market for it. This will add a new market for "okay" non-mage equipment. That newer players can buy and take advantage of.

Side tangent:
When I was new, I couldn't fathom people paying 100s of cogs for items when I could only farm a few cogs after hours of farming. I was lucky and someone lent me gear so I could farm at ROR4 barely and I could buy majority of the gear off him with the cogs I farmed. I farmed for hours and hours and hours for only a few cogs. I kept trying to make better equipment (because no one was selling mage gear for cheap) so that I could get to RTO4. One of the guides said I'd probably need a sylph to progress, so I asked in smega how much a freud's was. "25 cogs," broke my heart. It felt so unobtainable, while end game players were complaining about how easy the game had become... I got so frustrated, and I quit for a while. I fear that happening to other new players coming into the game, as I'd like to see the community grow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion, have a good day! :)


I really like this suggestion

Biggest reason is because the first question new players ask (including myself) is "what character should I main?"

And the answer is.. well you need to farm on a mage... then farm on a nw/striker/mm... then boss dpm ranges but warrior is the best... but end game boss (kerb) needs multiple classes...

Basically the answer is always complex and confusing

Increasing mobs at tot would be the solution so that other jobs besides mages can farm at tot. This would make the jump from tot to vera much much smaller because you wouldn't need to regear another class

Really love this suggestion


Community isn't growing becuz of the lack of content, can't really ask for more if server progress stays stagnant for almost 7 months.
Fyi, drk/nw are also top tier farmers in rto and ulu so I have no idea why ppl ask for early game buffs when 70% of population are farming in Vera alrdy.


So when new players join, they have an easier way of getting started and established in Windia instead of quitting due to the progression stall after ToT.
Like I said, warriors and thief are also clutch in rto, roar even gives higher drop rate than mage. The only 2 classes that fall off is Archer and pirate which end up being strong farmers in Vera.