IMPORTANT How to run Windia on macOS Catalina+/M1 Mac


1. Install Crossover from

2. Install this Windia bottle

3. Run the Windia.cxarchive file and create the bottle

4. Double click the Windia program in your bottle to play, or Windia Patcher to patch your files

NOTE: It may take 30-60 seconds for the program to run depending on your system, this is normal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, if you run into bugs such as severe lag, crashing, hanging, etc., please make a report on the forum including SEH logs. I've included a way to show you how to create these logs below. This will help shavit the most with fixing bugs with CrossOver on Mac as shavit does not have a Mac to do her own debugging. Without these, it will be impossible to fix anything.

1. Right click the Windia program and click "Run with Options..."

2. Tick "Create log file" and type in the log channel "+seh"

3. Click run

1. Launch Crossover at least once, then close it.

2. Download PlistEdit Pro from

3. Open your Home folder: Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨[insert user]

4. Press Command + Shift + G and type:

4. Open "com.codeweavers.CrossOver.plist" with PlistEdit.

5. Change "FirstRunDate" to sometime in the wayyy future, then save it.

6. Your trial period is extended!

1. Create a new bottle (Windows 10 64-bit preferably) by going to Bottle > New Bottle in the menu bar

2. Copy and paste your Windia folder from your previous Windia bottle into your newly created Bottle by right clicking your previous Bottle in the Bottles list on Crossover and opening the C: Drive

3. In your newly created Bottle, in "Run Command..." click Browse, navigate to your Windia folder you copied into your drive_c folder, and open the Windia Patcher.exe.

OPTIONAL: Save as launcher so it shows up in your Programs in the Bottle menu.

4. Run Windia as you normally would through the Windia Patcher.

5. You can delete your old bottle.

Run the file through run command, then you can save it again as a launcher after that.
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Added a section in case you get a Trial error when running Windia. I will add pictures later whenever I get to it (I hate xenforo and it's hard to add images).