Resolved harassment


Please keep in mind you can report someone from in-game or the Discord using this section of the forums.

Username of player being reported:Gunmm,gokuwar,hayaaaa2

Reason: harassment, fame me down with multiple characters, i said i aint leeching there cause im only making up to level 160 characters. famed me down trice. if possible i want to know who that account belong or his main character too if possible. hope he get punished for this i never bought fame so being famed down intentionally is a really let down. i said i was gonna report him on smega the 2nd time he famed me down but he still continue he was gonna do it again the 4th time and i said i have screen shots and im gonna report him for it. then he disappeared. didnt screenshot the 4th character that tp on my map. would msg on disc my screen shots. i dont want to have player the idea that they can just fame down with multiple characters someone who wouldn't do what they ask. thank you

Rules you think they are breaking: harassment

Map name (if applicable): rto4


Game Master
Defaming on a smaller scale like what occurred here is not a reportable issue, but please don't hesitate to contact a member of administration so it can be dealt with on an interpersonal level. While it may not be punishable, we still want to encourage a positive playing experience for all members of Windia.