Found mob with no loot table - Iron Hog/Hook


I'm fairly new to the server and I've been working on completing my monster codex and found an enemy that doesn't have a drop table.

The GMS enemy name is Iron Hog (hidden street link to enemy page), however in Windia they're named "Iron Hook". I believe the name was changed for the enemy but the drop table was never updated to match because they do not drop anything (mesos, cards, equipment, potions, etc).


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Both iron hook and iron hog exists in the game. So you can just kill iron hog instead if you need the drops. Whether iron hook is intended though its 🤷‍♂️
Huh, I search for Iron Hook in the hidden street database and it didn't come up with any results. On a side note, I found Iron Hogs and got their cards so... anyways Iron Hooks don't drop anything, not sure if that's intended.