Early/Mid Game/Late Game Progression Guide


I'm posting this guide on how to progress on your gearing for early and mid game. Hope this helps!
Though before looking over this guide, please refer to the previous ones posted by others and especially by wallace05 to get an overall idea of how the most of the things work for you to understand

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These are my recommended must dos to while you start playing
  1. Make sure you vote everyday to obtain the VP and NX (Vp will be very important for future use)
  2. Highly recommend getting a pet and buying all the pet equips to make life easier (Will require voting 2x) since NX items are transferable you will not be wasting the pets
  3. Your first character might not be your main in the future so save your favorite IGN for your future Main :)
  4. I recommend using your NX to increase your storage slots for future ease of access
  5. Then your character EQP, USE, AND ETC slots (Please designate one character at first for this, will help a lot when you gach)
  6. Use @wd if you need to find something
  7. Use @wdf if you want to check the currently monster drops
  8. Join a friendly guild :)

Early Stage - 1.1

Legion is a very big deal in this server and is going to be where most of your stats are going to come from along with your damage and range.

There are 22 unique classes available in the server, I highly recommend starting with blaze wizards followed by dawn warriors as they are probably the easier in terms of leveling from 1-126 just starting out. Followed by Wind Archers, Warrior explorer class and striker. If done so in that order you should have about 1,000 legion to start. Along with a decent amount of mesos from leeching rto4 post level 126. (Legion only requires a character to complete its 2nd job).

I'd recommend doing this until you obtain at least 4,000 legion.

From there any other class would be fine to continue with (Note some may not have 2nd job mobbing skills and may require you to finish 3rd job advancement quest)
Yes I understand this might be tedious but honestly, it was kind of fun for me being able to test out the different classes. However, you can always do other things in between to take a break from leeching!

If you aren't able to find any free leech I highly recommend farming through the use of @sell.
Monsters such as Skelegons, Galoperas and Ulu all drop equipment at a fairly high rate. Simply using @sell on them can net you a pretty penny and this doesn't include the mess you obtain :)

You can also take this time to finish your 250 questline to get that perma atk and matk boost please refer to another guide in forums if you need help in progressing for that.

If you were able to do some leeching or farming I recommend using those mesos you obtained to purchase stacks of 1000 gachapon tickets, currently ranging from 40-50m a stack. The reason why I recommend this is because of the value you can obtain back from this. Simply by using "@sell" on the equips will net you over 100m each stack (so you're at least seeing 2x profits) The downside is the time it takes, however I believe you make way more this way than early game abilities to farm.

Gachapon also give plenty of good items here's a list of keepers these can all fetch you extra $$$ if you sell in FM(Please refer to current FM markets for a jist of the price as they change periodically)
  1. Eternal Rebirth Flames
  2. Naricain Elixir
  3. White Scroll
  4. Chaos scroll
  5. 10% Equip for Atk scrolls
  6. Elemental Wands/Staffs
  7. Onyx Apples
  8. Masks
  9. Circle of Ancient Thought
  10. Circle of Ancient Strength
  11. Archaeologist glasses (For early game)
By doing this I was able to fund myself with about 35-40 cogs through gaching alone

Early Stage 1.2

Now you can probably tell there's a lot of farming involved in game progression, (Same with almost every other server). In this stage of the game if you've progressed accordingly and your legion is 3-4k. You can start aggressively farming to become OP (hehe). Again, the higher you're able to get your legion to, the lesser the stats your equipment need to be to start with.

The best farming job to begin with is F/P Mage

You can begin aggressively farming with F/P Mage starting at Ulu City Center or Roads of Regrets 4 (ROR4)
Though I believe that for me, ROR4 is where farming actually becomes better than gaching in terms of net returns over time.

In order to 1 hit ROR4 you're gonna need about 22.8k Matk on your F/P Mage. If that is proven a little difficult its okay, 2 shotting is about 15.6k or so Magic
1 Shotting can net you around 2 Cogs an hr (Not including mesos, white scrolls or pflame). 2 Shotting is about 1 cog.

Here is where your VP comes in handy. Since F/P uses FMA, Farming with item vac is highly recommended (They are super cheap now in VP NPC!)

So, how do we get to 22.8k Magic?

Though not tested, with 4k+ Legion, your magic attack so be pretty close to 7k-8k without any good equipment. So you only really need another 14k more. It is very achievable in the current environment.
There are two ways I recommend getting there at this current stage. You can either spot cheap deals through smegas from other players or self scroll some timeless equipment in FM with some Yolo chaos :)

Note: Its not about how good or bad your equipment leveling or scrolling at this point is really. Your main focus should be getting to that 22.8k number. So be wise with how you spend your money. Rather than invest in 1 very good item try to get a good set of average items that can help you achieve that goal.

Here is a list of items that should be enough to hit that magical number.

  1. Targa/Zakum/ Timeless Helmet (200+Int)
  2. Timeless Mage Overall, (500+ int)
  3. Timeless Gloves (300+ Int)
  4. Timeless shoes (300+ int)
  5. Timeless/Horntail Pendant (400+Int)
  6. Circle of Ancient though rings 3x ( 60+ int each)
  7. Timeless earrings (200+ int)
  8. Gachapon Masks (20+ Int)
  9. NX rings 3x (10+ Int)
  10. Fully Scrolled Ele Wand (10% 9x Level 6-7)
  11. Spectrum Goggles (350+ Int)
  12. Blackfist cloak (350+ Int)
  13. Black belt/Witch belt. Czak belt ( 200+ Int)
  14. Shield 200+int (Can be Magician shield or timeless shield)
Remember the higher your legion the less stats on each equipment is required. Additionally, since Matk doesn't stack with legion, it is negligible but still a bonus to have if the item has it.

Mid Game

Congratulations! You're now able to 1 shot ROR4 and is making that sweet sweet $$$$

However, good news is this is just the beginning HEHE.
Its time to progress further now. Compared to the ROR4 1 shot hurdle, your new farming map is Road to Oblivion 4 (RTO4) In order to farm here it is recommended to make an I/L Wizard due to the elemental damage boost.

In comparison, ROR4 should take about 30-40 Cogs in order to 1 shot while, RTO4 Takes about 100+ Cogs to fund (Main reason is because of the coveted Slyph Ring)

In order to efficiently farm at RTO4, you're going to have to aim for 35.6k Matk on your I/l mage
It is a lot harder to progress to RTO4 in comparison but having 5k Legion would help :)

The Slyph Ring is a must have as it removes the limiters on Mage % Legion stats and can boost your Int immensely. As of currently making one will range anywhere from 65-100 Cogs based on the price you obtain your materials
Here is a list of Materials needed:

  1. 5x Freuds Journal
  2. 3x Rock of Time
  3. 1x Zakum Helmet
  4. 1x Zakum Diamond
  5. 3x Horntail Stone
  6. 1x Horntail Pendant
  7. 1x Scarlion Toe
  8. 1x Targa Toe
  9. 9x Smiley Mask
  10. 9x Neutral Mask
  11. 9x Frowny Mask
  12. 9 Maple leaf
Please let me know if I am missing anything

It is also good to get a Czak Helm with at least 950 Int. Along with a Loveless Wand/Staff. With these 3 upgrades you should be very close or at 35.6k Magic

If not, do upgrade your other equipment that are lower in stats.

Yay! Welcome to Mid Game 1.2 Where you can farm 300-400cs an hr (Not including WS, Pflames and Mesos)
Here is where you can decide which class you would like to make OP.

You can decide whether you would like to fund a completely new class with your farms or maybe you like mages and want to increase your mage stats. Regardless you'd probably want to start bossing.

Here are some viable and currently popular classes to consider ( In no particular order)

  1. BlazeWizard
  2. Paladin
  3. Hero
  4. Striker
  5. DawnWarrior
  6. WindArchers
  7. NightLords

Is 300 CS an Hr too little for you now? Is RTO4 too full nowadays? Are you missing some excitement in your life?
Congrats its time for you to start farming late game :) T

Its time to move forward to Veracent!
Veracent is a specialized placed that can be accessed with the dimensional door for non vips and @go option for VIPs there is an array of maps with a plethora of mobs. The Mob HPs range from 100mil to 491mil. Obviously the higher the MobHP the higher your drops are !

In order to farm here efficiently you would want to kill the mobs with highest HP. There are plenty of maps with monsters 491mil HP so you don't have to worry about fighting for maps :). Additionally, its actually done quite often where people share maps.

In this Server Boss HPs are heavily buffed hp wise and require much higher DPM to complete. Although there isn't a specific amount of DPM required as each Class has different skills and AOE abilities I will list a jist of DPM requirement for most bosses to solo or partied combined DPM

Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail its recommended to form a party with friends or guildies that have SE and Crash to clear quickly :) (Strikers are OP for these two bosses btw)

Normal Zakum : You can do this with like 1k Legion... 100m dpm is all
Notable Drops: Zhelm, Cog

Scarlion/Targa: 200mil DPM
Notable Drops: Scar/Targa Helm, Cog, Maple Leaf (Face Accessory)

Horntail : 400m DPM
Notable Drops: HTP, Dragon Stone, Cog

Pinkbean : 7B DPM
Notable Drops: PB Pitches, Timeless, Freuds, ROT, Cog

Chaos Zakum: 18 B DPM (4K Legion and CWK Medal Required)
Notable Drops: Zakum Diamond, Czak Helm, Czak Belt, Freuds

Chaos Horntail : 25-30B DPM (5 Czak Clears required)
Notable Drops: Silver Blossom Ring, CHTP, Freuds

Chaos Pink Bean : 50B DPM (5 CHT clears required)
Notable Drops: Loveless Equip, Freuds

Kerberos : 160B DPM (5 CPB Clears required)
Notable Drops: Tyrant Equips
Work in progress will add onto continuously
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Thanks for your guide! When I update the Sylph today, it asked 1 circle of thought and 1 circle of strength, 3 rock of time, 5 maple leaf, and 9* 3 types of masks. I guess it has been changed that the items in the list from 4 - 8 are no longer needed.


I'd strongly recommend FP Wizards and Night Walkers for beginner classes as they can use poison to train on Ulu Monsters with no funding whatsoever.