Denied Dark Knights/Dragon Knights Aoe


I'm Speed/Acceleration in game and currently the only "viable" DK at 23.4b DPM with BiS spear. (1387str 834watt 11*)
I am asking for aoe buffs to DK to fit its "AOE" role it was design to do.
ATM DW has taken AOE roll with solar and styx.
Hero replaces it as a crasher and has higher damage with less gear required. (25.6b dpm Same gear different weapon 999str 671watt 8*)

I am asking if its possible to:
1. increase the range on Spear Crusher from 4 mobs to 8 mobs and maybe also the distance range of the attack to something similar of DW solar or even lower range but better than what we have atm, or
2. Buff Dragon Fury by decreasing the damage to 200% and give it 3 lines and make it 8 mobs, or
3. Take out Dragon Fury and Spear Crusher and import dark impale with the same % ration, 8 mobs and lines as spear crusher but with dark impale's range.

But in turn nerf Dragon roar damage a bit to like 300% or even it's 15 mob if any of the options are taken.

i LOVE Dark Knights and is the only character i got to Lvl130+ in OG maple before 4th job back in KMS.