Resolved Can not start or continue Veracent [Vampire] Questline.


Hello fellow Windians, I've been trying to clear kerb with my other classes, so, doing pre quests for my chars to get the access for the boss I found I can't follow questline on some chars and accounts.

First, I was gonna redact this under Bug reports, but this is a major issue due to the most characters being unable to complete Veracent questline. Name of the char I'm trying to finish right now: iluminise - bishop. I hope any soonish reply because I can't finish the quest with outside guides.


I can track back one account npcs but for multiple accounts will be tedious not displaying the lightbulb. Thanks.


Here you go my lord:

; fps limiter. will not be accurate, try it out though
; minimum is 10, max is 1000. nexon's default is 1000. set to 0 to disable (not recommended!)
fps_max = 240

; displays frames per second on the screen
cl_showfps = 0

; if you get "unspecified error" when starting the game,
; simply change these values to a supported screen resolution that you have
width = 1280
height = 720

; starting position for the game. -1
window_x = -1
window_y = -1

; remove the border of the game window
borderless = 0

; center the game window?
centered = 1

; integrate windia with discord
discord = 0

; client hacks, toggle them on to significantly reduce GFX bugs if you get any!
no_mob_death_effect = 0
no_map_backgrounds = 1
no_map_objects = 0
no_map_fade_effect = 0
no_map_tiles = 0
no_damage_number = 1
no_lightbulb = 1
no_skill_effects = 1
no_mob_reaction = 0

; use custom damage skin?
use_damage_skin = 1

; damage skins! 18 (default) is star planet damage skin. valid ranges: 1-238, 1000-1383
; skins are directly imported from GMS v208 and not everything will be compatible.
damage_skin = 18

; custom chat background opacity (0-255)
chat_bg_opacity = 180


It shows up again now, fixed and working, something should be messed up throught the update.
Thank you very much.