Approved ban appeal


Name of banned character(s): mapp/87kmatt

Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the previous thread: yes
Did you deserve the ban? (Yes/No): no

If yes, which rules did you break?: Acc sharing

Were you using a third party/external program while playing the game?:

If yes, which ones?:

Why should we give you another chance?: it wasnt actually acc sharing since i was hanging out with k9999 on sunday and we were irl friend and i just realized we have an von leon run on that day so i cant make it home on time to do my VL run so i log in on his computer and run VL and assumed that i got related banned today for acc sharing

Do you agree that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently banned afterwards with little to no chance of appeal?:
Yes i agree
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Your accounts have been unbanned. Please change your password immediately and note that you are NOT allowed to:

1. Share ANY of your account with anyone.
2. Use ANY of other people’s account.
3. Login ANY of your account on someone else’s pc.
4. Allow someone else to login ANY of their account on your pc.

If you are banned again due to account sharing, your account will NOT be unbanned anymore. Please take care, lets hope this will never happen again. Hope you have a nice day! :)